Bledsoe Confident as Ever

"When I take the field as a quarterback, I want to score everytime we get the ball. Am I satisfied with what we've done? Certainly not," Bledsoe said.

BLEDSOE CONFIDENT: QB Drew Bledsoe will be the first to admit that the Cowboys' offense isn't up to par just yet. At the same time, he's also confident the foundation has already been put in place to be successful this season.

"When I take the field as a quarterback, I want to score everytime we get the ball. Am I satisfied with what we've done? Certainly not. But I look at the guys around me that are making these plays, we've got what it takes to get the job done," he said.

"We just have to get out of our own way a little bit. It takes all 11 guys every single play. Early in the game, we'd have one breakdown and we'd have 3rd and 13. That's what it was ... a few breakdowns here and there."

So far this preseason, Bledsoe has completed 22-of-37 passes for 196 yards and a touchdown.

Cowboys' head coach Bill Parcells said of Bledsoe's performance Saturday night against Houston, "He did a pretty good job once he got started."

DAVIS NOW SECURE: Free safety Keith Davis is starting to feel better about his job security these days. After settling into the starting free safety position this preseason, Davis is close to nailing down the starting position for the upcoming year.

But don't tell that to him.

"As long as I go out and do what Keith does every day, I'll be just fine," he said Monday. "I just know, all I have to do is go out there and keep performing and keep getting better everyday, everything we'll be alright."

For Davis, having more experience under his belt appears to be making the biggest difference in his play.

"I think being more comfortable is the biggest thing and not trying to do much. Now, I'm so much more relaxed out there. I know what's coming, I know what to expect," he added.

Parcells said of his improvement, "He's improving every week. Every week. That's a good sign."

ROMO NOT ANNOINTED... YET: Bill Parcells is still unwilling to list Tony Romo as the second string quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I thought he did alright there," he said Monday of Romo's performance against Houston. "There's a couple of things that weren't so good, but by and large, he was okay."

Romo has completed 15-of-24 passes for 182 yards and a touchdown this preseason. Meanwhile, his competition Drew Henson, has completed just 10-of-23 passes for 102 yards and an interception.

"That's all you guys have anted to talk about since the spring," Parcells quipped at the media. "I'm not ready to decide yet. I don't need to decide."

QUICK HITS: The Dallas Cowboys made two more roster moves on Monday, releasing wide receiver Reggie Harrell and cornerback Lenny Williams. ... Parcells said that he wants to get Drew Henson work during Thursday's final preseason game against Jacksonville, but he said, "I might not be able to." ... Parcells said he is trying to figure out a role for back up RB Anthony Thomas. ... Marcus Spears will get "more than a chance" to play on Thursday.

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