April Non-Draft Musings

Thousands of words are being written about this year's football draft. From Mel Kiper, the poster boy for proof there is luck in this world to John Q. Public.

The ardent fan that wants desperately to know the score and will venture a guess with the slightest of provocation. Just like the paid professionals.

So in keeping with my somewhat skewed view on life and football I will wade hip deep into next seasons schedule. Leaving no stone unturned I will offer food for thought and some opinions about how I think it will end up.

Houston had the pick of a less than stellar litter as they ventured forward in the expansion draft. They took a few good men and some that made me scratch my head. And to follow it up they will take David Carr in the real deal.

Dallas has too many horses even coming off a 5-11 season. They will win this game. Record 1-0.

The Tennessee Titans were a miserable team last year. The same crickets that screamed Emmitt is done back in 1996 are here in force to say the same about Eddie George. Count me in the minority as a skeptic and a George backer.

The Titans will win a close game and Dallas will have to live with a moral victory. Record 1-1.

The Eagles will struggle against the Dallas defense that will have a full compliment of teeth by the third game of the year. But Quincy is not ready for primetime with the defense of the Eagles. Record 1-2.

Dallas comes a callin' to St. Louis and this week four match-up will tell us all what we want to know about the defense. Glover and company will make a great showing in this match-up but Marshall Faulk will prove to be too much. Record 1-3.

Dallas hosts the Giants of New York in the second NFC head-to-head of the season. While I believe the Giants are a…er…sleeping Giant, there is nothing about their offense that scares small children that are afraid of the dark. Dallas will hand the Giants a black eye and a defeat. Record 2-3.

During Carolina's visit to Texas Stadium the sponsor of the week will be No Dose. Julius Peppers, a hometown favorite of the Panthers and the state of Carolina will be showcased. He will also be pummeled by the Dallas offensive line. I expect Emmitt to break Walter Payton's record this week in a big time victory. Quincy will show up as well. Record 3-3.

An old foe comes up in week 7. A trip to Arizona harkens back days of yore when the Cardinals were part of the NFC East. Normally this was a game that went to the Cards because they tire so easily of the butt whuppin‘ delivered in Texas. This show will turn out different, as the Cowboys will handle Jake Plummer, the next Montana. Record 4-3.

The Seahawks are up next on the schedule and while last seasons outcome was all Seattle, I expect this to be a better game. Dallas will make more of an offensive showing and nip the ‘Hawks. Record 5-3.

Detroit pays a visit and if revenge is a reality in the NFL then the Lions will be seeing an angry Dallas team on November 3rd. This is the infamous 4-foot gimme at the golf course. It is sure to fall in but so much can go wrong. But my guess is Dallas shows them the door early. Record 6-3.

The bye week gratefully shows up in week 10 and the team can take a breather and heal. Good thing because the NFC East looms large in the future. Yet there will be talk of play-offs, Championships and Chris Berman being hung in effigy. A little premature.

Dallas at Indianapolis is a very interesting game. The strongest part of the Cowboys will surely be their defense. The strength of the Colts is offense. The immovable object against the irresistible force. Dallas will not win this game but should make it interesting and close. Record 6-4.

Jacksonville at Dallas is the next sojourn for the Cowboys. Dallas wins. Record 7-4.

Little Danny Snyder and his Florida…excuse me Washington Gators will be hosted to a Turkey day celebration. I'd like to be kind and say that Stevie Superior breaks the streak but I can't bring myself to agree. Dallas wins and Snyder overdoses on Valium. Record 8-4.

San Francisco is next up for the Cowboys and this pains me to predict a loss here. Record 8-5.

Dallas at the Giants in December. Tough game and Dallas splits. Record 8-6.

Philly comes to Big D and they bring in a Big D. Not this year my friends. But their reign on the Cowboys will end soon enough. Dallas makes it close. Record 8-7.

Dallas ends up at Washington for the final game of the year. Play-off implications could be in the wings for this Dallas team but I believe win or lose they will not be the masters of their own destiny. Dallas losses a heartbreaker and unfortunately allows Stevie to keep his job. Snyder removes the noose from his neck and the American public is spared a National TV suicide. Record 8-8. Some will claim that Dallas fell apart in the last half of the season. Yet there will be those that recognizes the team was in every game and only an offense that is in need of one more good draft and off-season held back a valiant defensive team.

Dallas will end up with the second ranked defense in the league. And with a bounce of the ball in their favor could change this record to 9-7.

That's my thoughts in early April. But I have the right to change them anytime up until December 30th. Or my editor fires me.

Vegas is giving 8-5 on the later.

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