Injured Cowboys Returning Thursday

The Cowboys will welcome back a key starter and several reserves during Thursday night's preseason finale against Jacksonville. Details on those players and more news and notes from Wednesday are contained in this extensive report!

With rumors flying around the Dallas Cowboys and Peerless Price, head coach Bill Parcells issued the following statement on Wednesday.

"I think we've had some discussions with him," he said. "I don't know where it is right now. I haven't been inside lately (in the office). I've been out there (at practice). I don't know where we are.

"I think he's a very good player," Parcells added. "That's about as much as I can say."

Price started 15 of 16 games last season, catching 45 passes for 575 yards and three touchdowns. In 2003, he led the Falcons with 64 receptions for 838 yards and three scores.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR THURSDAY: Bill Parcells said Wednesday he'll be watching several key aspects of his team during tomorrow night's preseason finale against Jacksonville.

"Defensively, there are some guys I really want to look at extensively," he said. "(Rich) Coady would be one of those. Spears would be one of those. Pepper Johnson is back, available to play - he'll play. We have a second kicker here I'd like to look at if I get a chance to. A couple of corners, I'd like to look at. That's where we are. I'm not sure if I'm going to play Beriault.

"The guy I need to look at pretty hard (at corner) is Thornton. Thornton has to improve his play on special teams."

QUINCY MORGAN SOUND OFF: With reports surfacing on Tuesday indicating reserve wide receiver Quincy Morgan is talking about a "fresh start," potentially with another team, Parcells discussed the situation carefully on Wednesday.

"I don't really have any comment on him. I wouldn't share that point exactly. All you have to do is play better than the other guy," he said.

"Some players, as soon as the competition gets too good, they want out. I'm not saying that about him. I'm just saying that's the way it is. 'Oh, I can't play here so get me out of here.'"

Morgan could be the odd man out should the Cowboys elect to sign Peerless Price.

NOVAK'S ONE AND ONLY STAND: When the Dallas Cowboys claimed rookie kicker Nick Novak off of waivers from the Chicago Bears earlier this week, it seemed obvious that he would get a hard look during the final preseason game of the year Thursday night against Jacksonville.

Head coach Bill Parcells confirmed that on Wednesday.

"He's going to kick in the game, if we can get down there to kick," Parcells said. "I'll let Cortez maybe take one kick. If we don't win the coin toss and we kickoff, maybe I'll let Cortez kick that one time. That's it. I want to try and see this guy (Novak) if I can."

QUICK HITS: Marion Barber, Marcus Spears, and Marco Rivera will all play Thursday night against Jacksonville. "He's fine, I feel confident about playing him," Parcells said of Spears. The quarterback rotation against Jacksonville will go Bledsoe, Romo, Henson Thursday night. ... The Cowboys also looked at Cleveland kicker Tyler Jones but opted for Novak instead.

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