Price for Henson? Watch the Jersey

The following information regarding Peerless Price and Drew Henson -- two scoops of deliciousness, if you will -- needs to be framed just so. has learned that the Cowboys may be preparing a jersey for Price -- and may be considering stripping Henson of his.

Now, before we go forward, let's properly frame this stuff: I didn't hear these juicy nuggets from Jerry Jones-hairdresser-who-has-a-cousin-who-used-to-date-Peerless-who-once-worked-as-an-exotic-dancer-in-Buffalo type of source. Nor did I have it Deep Throated to me in a darkened parking garage by a man enveloped by the distinct scent of Tuna.

So I present it to you in its proper light, as something substantially more than troll-level internet blather, something somewhat less than on-the-record confirmation:

Earlier in the day Thursday, "my guy'' informed me that Price would attend Thursday's game at Texas Stadium and hang in Jerry's box (a story that is now making all the rounds and seems factual). So I choose to also believe him when he whispers that the Cowboys think they have a deal with Price, one that can only implode if New England, Miami or Philly comes in and blows Dallas' offer out of the water. And that Jerry is (rightly) confident that once someone is locked in a room with him, that someone almost never says "no.'' And that Price will go through the formality of a workout no later than Friday morning. And that the Valley Ranch equipment people have been told to ready a PRICE jersey.

Meanwhile, speaking of jerseys: My same source says the Cowboys are so disgruntled with the work of Henson (and so frightened to actually rely on Tony Romo as a No. 2) that they have finally seen the light: They are on an APB search of the NFL for a veteran backup. This would be good news for the team; few other NFL clubs have ever been so void of backup QBs than Bill Parcells has allowed Dallas to be in the last few seasons. It might even be good news for Romo, who seems likely to get Peter Principled as a No. 2 but wouldn't be a bad fit as a No. 3.

Horrible news, though, for Henson and his job security. Yes, the Cowboys are considering giving up on Henson. That is, unless you think Parcells will use just three QBs throughout camp and then suddenly decide to keep FOUR in the regular season!

So there you have it. Two scoops? Maybe. Irresponsible gunk? Nope. Educated gossip? Yes. A perfect way to say it. We believe Peerless Price has a jersey being sewn. And that Drew Henson might want to clutch his very tightly so he doesn't lose it. And that both of these items are ideally termed "educated gossip.'' If they come true? You heard it here first. If bogus? I'll deny I ever met you.

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