Parcells Speaks with Peerless Price

Will the Cowboys sign Peerless Price? When will the final roster moves be announced? provides updates on these two questions, and much more, in this report!

PARCELLS TALKS WITH PRICE: Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said Friday afternoon he has already met with former Falcons' wide receiver Peerless Price.

"Yes, I have (met with Price)," he said. "I just met with him and he met with a couple of the other coaches. I can't tell you. I don't know. I told him what it would be like.

"I wouldn't be presumptuous on this if I was you guys," he warned. "There's going to have to be quite a few things that are just right. Eventually it's going to be a decision on his end, because he has to figure out where he wants to go."

Parcells also said he talked with Price about a number of different topics concerning the Cowboys.

"I told him about our receiving structure here and how he add to it. ... I talked to him a little bit about where he was in his career. I've coached against him a couple of times, so I was somewhat familiar. We'll just see how it goes. That's really the truth of it."

FINALLY A BACKUP QB: Parcells confirmed the obvious for the first time on Friday. When asked about the back up quarterback situation, the Cowboys' third-year head coach said he has finally reached a decision.

"It's going to be Tony Romo," he said. "I just think he's further down the road than what Drew is. I think he's got instincts. I think if you watch the game last night, the one thing I think you see him do that he can do, he does have the ability to avoid the sack. He kind of has a second sense there. He can duck under somebody and he can get away."

Romo completed 8-of-13 passes for 91 yards Thursday night against Jacksonville. For the entire preseason, he completed 23-of-37 passes for 273 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions.

BACK UP RB? Anthony Thomas will be the back up running back behind Julius Jones this year, Parcells announced Friday.

"I think he has the combination of the most experience," he said. "I'm very encouraged with (Tyson) Thompson. And's just misfortunate. He could have been where Thompson is had he not had an infection in his foot. So now, we'll see what we can do with Thompson and try to work Barber back into the rotation."

The depth chart at running back would then look like this headed into next weekend's season opener at San Diego: Julius Jones, Anthony Thomas, Tyson Thompson and Marion Barber.

QUICK HITS: Final roster cuts will be made on Saturday. ... "We do have some moving parts here, and we are in the process of exploring some things," Parcells said. ... Parcells also said, "Between Newman and Crayton, it appears one of those guys may be able to run back punts for us." ...The Cowboys are bringing in several kickers this afternoon to workout for the team. "Tyler Jones, we are also working out a guy named Chandler," Parcells said. "We have another fellow named Xavier Betia (former FSU kicker), and another kicker named 'Shism.'"

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