Wednesday News, Notes, & Rumblings

Here are the latest rumblings coming out of Valley Ranch over the last couple of days. Draft news, Kevin Hardy news, and various tidbits regarding other NFL teams are contained in this report.

* The Cowboys are likely done with looking for a free agent tight end until after the NFL draft next weekend. Ken Dilger has reportedly been more willing to accept a low-end contract from Dallas, but the Cowboys have basically decided to do their shopping for a tight end in the second round of the draft.

* The Kevin Hardy saga is continuing with no new news to report in terms of signing with a team. Baltimore has apparently cooled off on Hardy, which could put Jerry Jones and company back in position to negociate a short-term contract. Hardy still wants something that goes at least two years or longer, but he is likely starting to run out of options.

* The latest news concerning the NFL draft is that Roy Williams continues to see his stock climb among many teams, including Dallas. Sources around Valley Ranch have also indicated that should Julius Peppers be available, the Cowboys' would not hesitate to draft him. Peppers would be third North Carolina defensive end on the Cowboys' roster.

* It is also becoming increasingly clear that neither TE Dan Graham or TE Jeremy Shockey will be available in the second round. Both tight ends have seen their stock steadily rise over the course of the last month. The Cowboys will likely have to look elsewhere if they are going to go after a tight end in round number two or three. TCU's Matt Schobel and Washington's Jerramy Stevens are two guys that Dallas is high on.

* We've also been informed that the idea of drafting running back William Green at the number six position is has lost some serious momentum. Perhaps that was just Jerry Jones trying to pysche out the competition a few weeks back.

* In Washington, some players are already are wondering about their new head coach's tactics. Steve Spurrier has apparently been using a completely unscripted offense in practice. And some wonder if he's organized enough to win in the NFL. Also, most Redskin fans are concerned that Spurrier is not mentioning drafting a quarterback in this year's draft. Who can blame them? Can you imagine Danny Wuerfell running your offense?

* Finally, don't automatically count Quentin Jammer out of the equation with the sixth pick just yet. While many teams are interested, there are several very possible scenarios that could send Jammer to Dallas. We'll have more details later in the week.

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