Keyshawn Shows Respect

When the Cowboys retreat to their locker room at halftime Monday night, fans will not be making their standard sprint to the concession stands and restrooms.

Instead, the silver- and blue-clad masses will stay inside the field to cheer once more for Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin, as the Cowboys legends known as "The Triplets" are enshrined in the team's Ring of Honor.

Like his teammates, WR Keyshawn Johnson will be unable to watch the festivities, as the team will be discussing the halftime adjustments that every team makes during every game. Nevertheless, the former trio's accomplishments are not lost on the Dallas wideout.

"What they did was amazing," Johnson said. "How long did they play together, 10 years? They were all great players, but they each benefitted from the other, too. Emmitt had a little more room to run because Troy and Michael were always a threat. They had a little more passing room because teams had to try to stop Emmitt. They're great players individually, but they were better because they played together."

Not surprisingly, Johnson paid close attention to Irvin, and not just because they share a knack for catching passes and the glare of the spotlight.

"Because he was good!" Johnson said when asked why Irvin was such an effective player.

"First, he won games. That right there, that's a big part of it. When I look at Michael Irvin, I didn't look at his stats. I always looked at his touchdowns, but I also looked at the touchdowns he set up for Emmitt. Do you realize how many of those touchdowns Emmitt scored because Irvin caught the ball to get it close to the end zone?"

Johnson added that no matter how many touchdowns he scores or receptions he has, he thinks he'll never get into any such fraternity.

"I haven't been with any team long enough," he said. "Has there ever been anyone who's only played with a team for a few years and gotten in? I don't think so.

"But that's not what's important. I want Super Bowls."

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