Draft Day Target: S Roy Williams

Here is a comprehensive look as to why the Dallas Cowboys should draft Oklahoma safety Roy Williams with the sixth pick the 2002 NFL Draft. Make no mistake, he'll be available, Jerry just needs to pull the trigger.

Roy Williams (6'0, 221, 4.6) is name that most people across the nation already know. He's the powerful, hard-hitting safety out of Oklahoma that has dominated one of the toughest conferences in college football over the course of the last two seasons.

Williams represents one of top safety prospects ever to come out of college football. His playmaking ability in big games is almost legendary. He shows up and he dominates opposing offenses.

Roy's strength lies in his ability to defend almost any kind of play against any kind of player. He has the speed to stay with the quickest wide receivers, he has the size to take on a big tight end, and he has the wonderful ability to recogonize tendacies of the opposing team.

If you watch him on film, you easily see why most scouts refer to him as a playmaker. He enforces his will on the opposition in such a way that requires you to account for his presence on every single play.
S Roy Williams

He'll likely be the same type of impact player once he gets into the NFL, and if you are a Cowboys' fan, you are just hoping that nothing radical happens with any of the 5 picks before Dallas goes onto the clock. We know now that Quentin Jammer will likely be gone, and if he is, Roy Williams is widely regarded as the next big target.

What you like about Williams, is that not only is he an outstanding player, but he also wants to be a Dallas Cowboy. "It's just a feeling I have that I'll be back here, and what I get from the coaches," said Williams after his visit to Valley Ranch on Friday. "It would be great to line up with Darren Woodson. I can play free safety too, and my dad is from Irving. Hands down, Dallas is the place I want to be."

Jerry Jones wants an impact player with his first round pick, and he wants someone that can come in and start right away. I can't think of a better candidate than Roy Williams. He is the total package at free safety, and once arrives at Valley Ranch, he'll be learning from one of the best in the business- Darren Woodson. Plus with the losses of George Teague and Izell Reese from last year's team, the need for a player like Roy Williams is overwhelming.

Williams, who finished last season as a unanimous All-America and All-Big 12 Conference first-team selection, registered 101 tackles (11 for loss) and 5 interceptions. He was also the winner of the Thorpe Award, given to the nation's top defensive back, and voted the National Defensive Player of the Year in all of college football. He decided in late January that he would opt for the NFL draft, instead of returning for his senior season at Oklahoma. With several national awards and a national title on his resume, who can blame him?

Roy Williams is unquestionably one of the top safety prospects ever to come out of the college ranks, and while you never see a safety taken among the first 10 picks in the draft- you have to make an exception here. His style of play and his ability to seemingly take over a football game almost command you to draft him with the sixth pick.

"I think I can come in and play right away, "I think it's my film study and my love for the game that give me the edge," Williams said.

Adding a player like that, along with DT La'Roi Glover and LB Kevin Hardy, to a defense that already ranked 4th in the league last year, will certainly provide the Cowboys with their own edge on the rest of the NFC East next season.

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