Bledsoe, Witten Bouncing Back

Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said he didn't sleep at all Monday night. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe said he "tossed and turned." Tight end Jason Witten called it "the biggest loss since I've been here."

Such is the nature of reactions around Valley Ranch to the Cowboys' stunning 14-13 loss to the Washington Redskins Monday night. Dallas dominated its biggest rival for 56 minutes Monday night, only to wrestle defeat from the jaws of victory when Mark Brunell heaved two long touchdown passes to Santana Moss in the game's waning minutes.

Parcells admitted after the game that the loss is the kind that "can linger," and credited the Redskins for making a pair of great plays. But he said the anguish that comes from such a loss already has been replaced in his team's minds by thoughts of the Cowboys' next opponent: the San Francisco 49ers.

"The game is out of the players' minds now," he said Wednesday. "This is a short week. We have a lot to do to get ready (for the 49ers) and not a lot of time to do it."

Bledsoe said he got past the Redskins game when the Cowboys returned to the practice field Wednesday morning.

"I think when we had the first snap at practice today," Bledsoe said when asked when he got over it. "I've always felt (after a loss) that when you get a chance to move on, when you get a chance to get back out there -- that's when you get over it.

"I didn't sleep for a while (Monday night). When you're involved in a close game like this, you toss and turn for a while, and re-think every play."

Witten was quick to divert blame away from the Dallas defense.

"As offensive players, you wonder 'how did we let that happen?' There were a lot of plays we could have made that would have put the game out of reach. We never felt like we had the game in the bag, but we never should have let it slip away.

"All we can do is prepare real hard, like we did for Washington. With this coaching staff, we'll have a great game plan. We'll be ready for San Francisco."

Bledsoe said that the defensive formations new coach Mike Nolan is implementing in San Francisco make it crucial that the Cowboys get past the Redskins loss and move on -- quickly.

"He (Nolan) does a great job with the defenses he coaches. They'll have a lot of multiple fronts, and they change the defense on the fly, which forces you to make adjustments. The fortunate thing for us is that our defense does a lot of the same things, runs the same 3-4 scheme, with a lot of multiple fronts. But we can't dwell on the Washington game, because San Francisco has a lot we need to get ready for."

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