Peterson Prepared to Walk the Walk

It was a follow-up answer to a follow-up question. But Julian Peterson's "guarantee" of victory over the Dallas Cowboys this week made headlines and received some blown-out-of-proportion treatment in some circles.

Given another shot at the subject Wednesday, Peterson didn't exactly back down from his previous words. "I'm not talking trash on any individual player or nothing," the star linebacker said. "I'm just guaranteeing that my guys will come out to play and win the game."

After the 49ers were stomped in Philadelphia last Sunday, Peterson promised on Monday that things would be different in Week 3 against the Cowboys. "I'm positive we're going to play well," he said then. "I'm positive were going to win."

When asked if that meant he was guaranteeing a victory, Peterson said, "Yes, you can say I guarantee it."

It was no bold declaration for anybody that was there to hear it, but that's not necessarily how it came out in print afterward. Peterson made no direct "guarantee" when the issue was revisited Wednesday, but he did say if Monday's comments already are adorning some bulletin boards in Dallas or elsewhere, so be it.

"That's fine," he said. "If they want to bring all their attention toward me, that's fine. But I just know the rest of my guys will be ready to play, and I have the 12th man behind me. I got all my 49ers Faithful behind me. I'm, what, 55,000 deep? What are you going to do?"

Peterson continued, "We're looking forward to winning. We're not taking any slack away from that team. They're a good team. They pretty much had that Monday night game (against Washington) all under control until the last five minutes. We know what we're up against. They're going to be kind of pissed off from the loss they had, and we're extremely pissed on what our part was last week."

Those are fighting words, but the 49ers didn't fare too well in bulletin board material last week. Linebacker Derek Smith ripped into former teammate Terrell Owens early last week, but the Niners couldn't back up the words in Philadelphia as Owens and the Eagles trampled San Francisco while putting up 583 yards of total offense – the second-most yards allowed by the 49ers in the 60-year history of the franchise.

But the Niners' veteran linebackers appear to be taking the initiative in team leadership this season, and Peterson didn't mince words in stating the 49ers – and the defense in particular – are intent on making quick amends this week as the Niners and Cowboys resume one of the most heated rivalries of this NFL era.

"After the (Philly) game, we were pretty pissed about the loss and looking at the film on the plane after the game," Peterson said. "We saw some of the things we did were actually pretty good. There was just a little miscommunication, a little mental mistakes here and there, probably one player out of 11. Once we slow that down, everything should be fine."

Peterson is talking like it will be this week with Dallas coming to town. Niners coach Mike Nolan, who does not coach his players on what to say to the media, stood solidly behind his star linebacker.

"I know Julian Peterson has a lot of confidence in his abilities and he has confidence in his team," Nolan said. "He has a lot of belief in this team. I like positive thinking, but I certainly don't like motivating an opponent. I don't believe that's what he's done. I think that (comment on Monday) was taken out of context a little bit. I think he was egged on to say it, but nonetheless, I like to see our players confident. I don't like guys just coming out and saying it or just outright preaching it, but I don't think that's what happened."

When asked how much play Peterson's earlier comments have received in Dallas, Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe, perhaps feigning ignorance, replied, "I don't know, what did he say?"

When told Peterson had guaranteed victory, Bledsoe followed with, "Oh, he did? We'll see. We're going to show up and play the game anyway."

To be sure, Peterson and his defensive buddies will be waiting.

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