Finding That 2nd Round Starter

There stands to be a good chance that Jerry Jones can pick up a quality starter this year with the Cowboys' second round draft pick. Here is an indepth look at who we believe that player will be. Look no further than the top skill players in the Big Ten, the Mountain West, and the ACC.

The first round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys this Saturday will likely be used on a defensive player. Who that player is exactly, remains to be seen, but it is very likely he will be a defensive back from somewhere in the Big XII conference.

The second round pick is where things could interesting.

The Cowboys, who already had the 4th best defense in the league a year ago, figure to look to improve their offense with the 37th pick in the draft.

Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson will need some more weapons if this team is going to compete at a higher level next year, and the second round will be where we see the start of an "offensive" move.

"We need to get some players who make big plays out of this draft. You know, the kind of guys that turn a game around with a big play. We're looking for guys who can make an impact," owner Jerry Jones said last week.

Who could Dallas pick up in the second round that could come in and start right away you ask?

Well, the Cowboys will likely focus on two key positions: wide receiver and tight end. When you think about it, there really should be no mystery with this selection, especially when both of these positions are extremely deep this year.

A whole range of players fit the bill here, but we have narrowed it down to the top four. Each of these players figure to be available when the Cowboys go on the clock, and each project to go somewhere in the second round.

Dallas Cowboys Possible 2nd Round Picks
WR Marquise Walker TE Doug Jolley WR Javon Walker TE Jerramy Stevens

For starters, try Marquise Walker, the 6'3 207 lb. wide receiver out of Michigan. Here is a kid that come in right away and contribute immediately in Bruce Coslet's version of the west coast offense. Walker has all the talent and size that you'd want in a slot receiver. He is fearless across the middle of the field and he can jump over everyone to grab those tall passes.

Marquise Walker represents our top choice in the 2nd round simply because he fits the Cowboys' needs better than any other position available.

However, let's say that Walker is gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock in the second round, no problem- go with a tight end.

Doug Jolley, a 6'4, 250 lb target out of BYU has as much upside as any tight end in the draft. A big, athletic kid with reasonable speed and outstanding hands. He would provide an enormous target for the Cowboys' young quarterbacks.

The tight end position will be one of the most important next year for many reasons, and it will be absolutely critical to pick one up in either the second or third round. Jolley is quick off the line of scrimmage and the kid can catch anything thown halfway close to him.

Either one of these two players could come to Dallas and be a starter next season on opening day. And most importantly, they make the offense, QB Quincy Carter, and the entire team that much better.

Jerry Jones understands that the Cowboys have a unique advantage in the draft this season, "We're looking for playmakers, top athletes who can not only disrupt the game but change the game, and we should be able to find not one, but two starters." Jones said.

Of course, you can't just bank on either one of those players being there with the 37th pick. You have to have some players to fall back on- just in case.

For insurance, we'll go with WR Javon Walker out of Florida State and TE Jerramy Stevens out of Washington.

Walker presents matchup problems all over the field with his size (6'3) and speed (4.38). And even though Florida State hasn't really turned out the large number of NFL wide receivers you'd expect from a school with so much talent, Walker is a still a steal if he's available in the seond round.

Like Marquise, Javon owns the middle of the field. He even has a burst of speed similar to that of the Rocket, and his presence would be a welcome addition to the Cowboys' offense next year.

Stevens, who has seen his stock drop tremendously due to his off the field problems simply has too many physical tools to let him slip past this point. Why many experts think he'll be available in the third or even forth rounds, don't be fooled. It's simply a ploy for some team to grab him unexpectedly.

Mark it down now, he won't make it out of the second round on Saturday. At a little over 6'6, 260 lbs, his pure size, strength, speed, will be too much to look over in the second round.

The Cowboys have made several shocking picks in the 2nd round before, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Stevens scooped up right here.

We'll have our preview of the third round tomorrow evening.

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