Wednesday Musings

IRVING, Texas -- As the Cowboys tiptoe into the teeth of the suddenly fearsome NFC East, some assorted musings from atop my barstool:

  • Want a quick review of what I thought of the NFC East going in? And how I now deserve to be drawn-and-quartered, one rope attatched to each of four limbs, the four representing the four division teams I was so wrong about?

    I thought the Giants would be bogged down by a lack of speed, an excess of lethargy, and Tom Coughlin's over-officious-jerkiness. Instead, the Giants are the most high-flying offense in football.

    I thought the Redskins would be ruined by the undisciplined stars on their defense, and undone by Joe Gibbs' uncharacteristic mishanding of his QBs. Instead, the Redskins are a terrific defensive team and are undefeated.

    I thought the Eagles would finally show signs of self-destruction, wear-and-tear and age. Instead, T.O. has swallowed his ego, McNabb has ignored his pain and the Eagles are as elite as they've ever been. Oh, and here come the Eagles to Texas Stadium, having won nine of 10 in this series, seven of them by blowout scores.

    I thought the Cowboys would. ... well, I'll stop here. I don't need the hate mail. And even through the drawn-and-quartering process, I would like to retain one of my limbs.

  • Did you catch the recent Steve Young-Michael Irvin-Tom Jackson ESPN argument about Brett Favre being washed up? My man Irvin thinks it's over. I think Michael is overstating the case (and Monday night in Carolina may have proven it), but I'll say this: When all Fox has to offer during Packers game is the online question "Is Brett Favre The Sexiest Player In The NFL?'', it's pretty damn close to over.

  • When Warren Sapp pulled a Turkey Joe Jones and sacked Drew Bledsoe after first picking him up and then slamming him down, a penalty was called. So it did get the refs upset.

    But I'm kinda wondering why it didn't get Bledsoe's teammates upset.

    I know how much Cowboys players like and respect their QB, so it's not that. Maybe the offensive linemen didn't get a good view of Sapp's mistreatment of their mate. But had Larry Allen or somebody done to Sapp what L.A recently did to teammate Jose Cortez, I would've been somehow comforted.

    And I bet Drew would've, too.

  • Keep the good stuff coming, JJT.

    The Dallas Morning News' Cowboys beat writer is struggling a bit. One day, JJT screwed up the sequence that led to the failed 2-point try in San Francisco. The next day, he compared Julius Jones' workload to that of "Cadillac Anderson.'' And the next day, JJT wrote: "But the Cowboys probably wouldn't have needed such a comeback if they hadn't made so many mistakes.''

    This week, Taylor has OK'ed the idea of "sacrificing the present for the future'' in the paper one day, and then followed it up the next by writing this twisted absurdity:

    "The fewer opportunities Bledsoe has an opportunity to make a bad decision, the better for the Cowboys' offense. ... Parcells was seduced by a strong-armed quarterback - Vinny Testaverde - last year and the bevy of weapons at his disposal. The result was a disastrous 6-10 season. He will not let that happen again no matter how good Bledsoe, Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn or Jason Witten look on a particular day. It's hard for him to not use the firepower at his disposal, but Parcells is going for the greater good.''

    Lemme get this straight: JJT is suggesting that the Cowboys offense won't be allowed to look good. ... no matter how good it looks? And he's ENDORSING the concept?!

    As Foghorn Leghorn once said, "Boy, I said boy, you're about as deep as a fryin' pan.''

  • Remember that newfound "perspective'' we all gained from Hurricane Katrina? By the time the Tulane footballers brawled with the Louisiana Tech frat boys whose school was graciously hosting them, and by the time LSU fans in Baton Rouge ransacked Tennessee football team''s visiting buses, I believe our newfound "perspective'' has been blown away and washed into the Gulf, too.

  • Lynn Swann is going to run for governor of Pennsylvania. Weird, isn't it, that a Steeler receiver can get into the Governor's Mansion while Drew Pearson can't even get into his own team's Ring of Honor?

  • Barry Switzer accidentally brings a gun into an airport and, even during those more innocent times, he is lampooned from coast to coast.

    Nolan Ryan accidentally brings a knife into an airport and, even during this turbulent times, the story is buried and then goes away.

    Why do I have a feeling that around here, Nolan Ryan could've packed a nuclear weapon into his duffel bag and the same critics who roasted Switzer would've insisted that it was OK for Ryan to have a nuclear weapon because ol' Nolan probably whittled it himself? Hell, ol' Nolie could've packed Osama Bin Laden in his carry-on and gotten away with it by saying Osama has a live arm that might be of use to his minor-league baseball team.

  • Bill Parcells' Cowboys lose a 13-point lead against the Redskins, causing Bill apologists to note that the Tuna had been 77-0 when ahead by 13 in fourth quarters.

    Truly an astounding accomplishment. ... except can you name me a coach who has a BAD record when he's ahead by 13 in the fourth quarter?

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