Is There a Problem?

Read nothing serious or long-term into Sunday's shouting match between receiver Keyshawn Johnson and quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

The two had to be separated on the sideline following a Johnson fumble that was returned for a touchdown.

"At that point in the game, we were just absolutely manhandling them," Bledsoe said. "To turn the ball over in that situation; I wasn't happy about it, so I said something to him."

Johnson, in turn, went off on Bledsoe on the sideline; yelling expletives and pointing.

Dallas receivers coach Todd Haley stepped in and moved Johnson behind the benches while Bledsoe turned to face the field.

"I'm not the type of guy to point a finger, so I don't want anybody saying anything to me," Johnson said. "There's situations where balls are bouncing at your feet and you don't say anything... We had some words on the sidelines, but whether it was a coach or a player, when there's a negative play, you don't want to hear it."

Johnson said it was over after they returned to the field and resumed play. Bledsoe agreed.

Late in the game, Johnson and Bledsoe stood next to each other and talked on the sidelines.

"It was one of those things that was over about 30 seconds after it started," Bledsoe said.

Johnson, however, knows few people outside the locker room will let it go quietly.

"It's not over, because you'll continue to write (about) it," Johnson said after the game. "They will continue to show it on ESPN 40 times, and they will say I'm a cancer. They don't know what the hell was going on the sidelines. They have no idea."

Johnson said it is not another version of Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

"We're not the other people in that other locker room," Johnson said with a laugh. "We don't let it get to that. For real. We're not mad at each other. It's not, 'Keyshawn vs. Drew,' or 'Keyshawn doesn't like Drew,' or 'Cowboys' camp: There's a problem.'"

It's not problem to the players or coach Bill Parcells.

"Those two guys are both high-strung guys," Parcells said. "I know both of the players. So I know the insignificance of that conversation. I know both of the guys. It's insignificant. I know both of the guys and I don't even think about it.

"It's nothing. It's a blip. It's not anything. It's nothing. It's a blip.

"Now there's a difference between that and being disruptive, OK? Being disruptive to the operation... Now, you noticed none of that was going on while we had the ball, OK?"

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