Parcells Defends Keyshawn

Simply put, he is about team more than he is about Meshawn.

While television replays, radio talk shows and newspaper columns went on ad nauseum on the sideline spat between wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson and quarterback Drew Bledsoe Sunday, few talked about Johnson lining up in the backfield in max protection for Bledsoe.

He did it six times as part of the Cowboys' strategy to combat the Eagles blitz.

Four times he nailed his man and got the block. The other two times he released into a pass route.

Johnson said people get caught up in the title of his first book, "Throw me the Damn Ball."

But he said he has always prided himself on his versatility and being a complete receiver who blocks as well as catches passes.

He certainly will do anything coach Bill Parcells asks, which has endeared him to the coach.

"I've told you about this kid," Parcells said. "He'll do anything you want him to do. Anything. That's why I don't think he's a selfish player. I never have. You know I'm a fan of his. That's some of the reason why. I've asked him to crack back on Cornelius Bennett in a game, three or four, five times. He doesn't even blink. Just as long as you give him the reps, he needs to see it. What do you want me to do here? That's what he wants to know. But I've played him all over, different spots for him."

Parcells has also played Johnson as a defensive back. He has recorded an interception in a two-minute drill situation.

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