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IRVING, TX - Head coach Bill Parcells said Wednesday that Julius Jones is listed as questionable, and that he's not sure if Jones will be ready to play this weekend.

READY TO RUN? Head coach Bill Parcells said Wednesday that Julius Jones is listed as questionable, and that he's not sure if Jones will be ready to play this weekend.

"He rehabbed a little today," Parcells said. "We'll just see where it is -- we'll see if he can function. I'm not going to put anyone out there who can't play."

Parcells didn't say who would start if Jones can't go, other than to identify Jones' replacement as "someone else." (Thanks, Coach.) He did say that if Jones can't go, he has confidence in rookie Tyson Thompson's ability … should he get the call.

"Tyson's got the stamina to run the ball," Parcells said. "We just need to get him up to speed."

Parcells said, however, that while Thompson is a willing and able blocker, he has to show improvement in that aspect of his game.

"He's a little unpredictable," Parcells said. "Something funny happened in the game, something that would have been a lot less funny if we hadn't won the game. He has to recognize what they're doing, and he said he recognized it, but didn't think the guy would come, so he stayed where he was. We told him what to do, he knew what to do, and he didn't do what he had to do. Now, he had a reason for not doing it … but it was the wrong reason."

However, Parcells sounded as if he thinks Jones should be able to play.

"I don't think (Jones' ankle injury) is anything serious," Parcells said. "It's not something that's going to keep him out very long."

Parcells said that the fact that the 6-foot-1 Thompson doesn't have the bulk many coaches want in their running backs doesn't mean he can't be successful.

"The funny thing about the great ones is that they come in all shapes and sizes," Parcells said. "There's no prototype. You might want them all to look like Jim Brown, but Barry Sanders didn't look anything like him. Either did Emmitt Smith or Walter Payton. Marcus Allen was the antithesis of Jim Brown. I remember seeing him at the Combine in Tampa, all 207 skinny pounds of him. Tony Dorsett was another guy, right here … he didn't look anything like Jim Brown."

The more things change, the more they stay the same Parcells was asked what changes have led to Terry Glenn's productive start this season.

"Terry's always been the same with me," Parcells said. "When he can stay out there, and he's got someone to throw the ball to him, he'll produce. He knows how to play.

"Terry has always been a deep threat. Now, I'm not too lavish with praise on players, as you know. But what he's got is a great combination of hands, quickness and speed. The only thing he doesn't have is size. But Terry is 190-something pounds. It's not like he's a fly out there. I was teasing him today -- I told him 'It's Week Six. It's about time for you to run out of gas.' But I was teasing him. I'll tell you this: them defensive backs are not sleeping too good on Saturday nights when they're facing him the next day."

STAY TIGHT: Parcells said that when the Cowboys prepare to face pass-catching tight end Jeremy Shockey of the Giants, the Dallas defense gets a good start by checking out how the offense employs tight end Jason Witten.

"Witten and Shockey … they're used very similarly," Parcells said. "The Giants might use Shockey out wide a little more than we do (with Witten). But we both use two tight ends a lot. Their 'people packages' are almost identical to ours. We use almost the same deployment of personnel, although how we use them might be a little different."

Perhaps out of loyalty to Witten, linebackers Al Singleton and Bradie James were hesitant to compare the two.

"I don't like to compare too many people with Jason," Singleton said. "But Shockey's a fast guy, especially for a player that big (Shockey is listed at 6-foot-5, 252 pounds). He's a fast guy who likes to make plays and get his team playing with a lot of emotion. People talk about Kellen Winslow, Sr., as a comparison, but they're really not the same player. I haven't seen a player quite like him. He's big, he's really fast and quick, and he runs great routes."

James said that the comparisons between the two big, pass-catching tight ends are inevitable, but he also shied away from breaking down specifics between the two.

"They're the same type of player," James said. "Witten has gotten a lot better blocking, which Shockey has always done. But (Shockey) is another great threat for Eli (Manning). He can bail out a quarterback when he has to."

COMING OF AGE: Second-year quarterback Eli Manning has grown in a year from a rookie who at times appeared a little lost to a much more complete, dangerous passer.

"He seems pretty comfortable this year," Parcells said. "Nobody's slowed these guys down. Even the game they lost, to San Diego, they didn't slow them down. They've put up a lot of points.

"Like I said last week, about how Donovan (McNabb) seems more comfortable now, (Manning) is starting to be like that."

Parcells said he's not sure how much Manning's lineage continues to his success.

"Well, I know they have a lot of quarterbacks in the family," Parcells joked, "so I guess they have something to talk about when they get together. I thought his father (Archie) was a tremendous quarterback, and I don't know, it looks like some of that has been passed down."

However, despite Manning's early success this season, Parcells said the Giants' young passer is not the lone reason for their quick start.

"Look, it's still 10-plus on the turnovers and the field position they're getting," Parcells said. "That's why they're winning. If that keeps up, they're going to win a lot of games this year. They might win them all."

TRANSACTIONS/INJURIES: The Cowboys re-signed running back Keylon Kincade to the practice squad and deleted kicker Shaun Suisham from practice squad. Running back Julius Jones (ankle) is listed as questionable for Sunday. Linebacker Dat Nguyen (stinger) is listed as questionable.

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