Cowboys Draft Roy Williams

Jerry Jones worked a little magic Saturday afternoon by trading down and taking Oklahoma S Roy Williams with the eighth overall pick in the draft. Dallas will receive two additional draft picks from Kansas City with the move.

Jerry Jones continued the positive momentum this offseason in a big way Saturday afternoon. Simply put, he took a risk, and it payed off.

Jones traded down two spots, figuring that Roy Williams would still be available at number eight. He was right.

The Cowboys received a 2002 3rd round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as a 6th round pick in 2003 by moving down two spots, and they also picked up one of the top players on the board in Oklahoma Safety Roy Williams.

Williams will play strong safety next season for the Cowboys, as Darren Woodson will move over to the free safety spot.

After back to back 5-11 seasons, the Cowboys picked in the top 10 for only the second time since getting defensive tackle Russell Maryland with the first overall choice in 1991. The Cowboys also had the eighth pick in 1998, when defensive end Greg Ellis was chosen.

Jerry Jones on "The Trade"
"Well somebody looked the at the televisions and looked and the clock said nothing but zeros. The longer you could wait, the longer you leave your options open. We wanted to leave it out there as long as we could."

"We are happy because Roy Williams meant a lot to us. Everyone knows the type of player he is and how he'll help the Dallas Cowboys, but were also happy to have the extra third pick."

"We felt the risks were worth the trade to pick up the third pick. We've been late on the clock several times, but you've got ot give yourself the opportunity to make the most of it."

"We had Williams on the phone right after Jammer went to San Diego. He said his mother almost fainted once she found out. All I told Roy Williams is that we've now got another chance to pick up another starter with that third pick to help him out."

"It fell right for us, Harrington was taken there by Detroit. Right up to there at #6 the players were there for us. From our perspective, he can come in here and lift us up to another level. I was nervous yesterday that we might have the opportunity to get a little dicey. Sure enough we had Carl Peterson call and we moved down a couple spots. It was hard to trade down, but we wanted to maximize our potential."

Cowboys' Scouting Director Larry Lacewell
"In ten years I've been doing this job, I've only been in the first round five times. This is the happiest I've been in 10 years. Its seldom you get a chance to draft a great player, and Roy Williams is a great player and even his opponents will tell you that."

"The last 10 years I've never heard the term great come up as often as it has with Roy Williams. Every other word with this guy is great. He was phenomenal how good he played. You hear the expression "shut-down corner" and I promise you that when you look at Roy Williams- he's a shutdown safety."

"We had him as the forth best player in the draft. You always go with the quarterbacks, and we had Peppers up there. We had him ahead of Jammer in terms of the best football player."

"We are going to try and improve with that additional pick, that may be just as important as getting a safety like Roy Williams. We'll look at our board and see what we can do. I'm just glad its over with. We got a truly great player, and thats hard to do."

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