Getting Defensive

Defensive tackle La'Roi Glover is a purist when it comes to play defense.

He believes in following assignments, filling gaps, making hard hits and pressuring the quarterback -- especially pressuring the quarterback.

When asked about New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Glover echoed the sentiments expressed by players, coaches and analysts around the country.

"He seems very confident, and he's making all the right throws right now," Glover said. "They're very explosive. I think they're leading the league in plays over 30 yards, and he's the reason why. He's got to make all those throws for those receivers to get downfield and make the catch. We need to get pressure on him and disrupt his timing to try to counter that."

But Glover sees a remedy to the headache the Giants' young passer presents for opposing defenses.

"Like a lot of quarterbacks, he's not as comfortable when he gets hit," Glover said. "We need to get in his face and disrupt his timing if we're going to slow him down."

Of course, as head coach Bill Parcells said this week, no team -- even the San Diego Chargers, against whom the Giants suffered their only loss this year -- has slowed down the New York offense this season.

But the Cowboys, Glover said, can take solace in the fact that they turned in an exemplary defensive performance in last week's 33-10 domination of the Philadelphia Eagles -- also considered one of the NFL's premier offensive teams. (Philadelphia's lone touchdown came on a fumble return, not against the Dallas defense.)

"(The Philadelphia game) tells you that if you play the right style of defense," Glover said, "you can compete with anybody.

"It's definitely important for us to play well, especially at home, and especially against a division opponent. We need to come out fast and aggressive and try to knock the Giants off their game a little."

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