Cowboys Grab a Cornerback

Dallas gained the services of CB Derek Ross Saturday evening by drafting him with the 10th pick in the third round. You can thank owner Jerry Jones for this one, as he directed the trade with Kansas City that allowed Dallas an extra third round pick.

Dallas added another defensive back to the mix by drafting Ohio State's Derek Ross with the 10th overall selection in the third round.

Ross, who orginially was a high school quarterback out of South Carolina, will have some work to do if he's going to make a difference on the Cowboys' roster next season.

Derek was most noted for not giving up the big play during his career at Ohio State. His position as a Buckeye allowed him to focus almost entirely on the passing game, so you'd like to see how he responds in training camp when he has to take on a big running back or fullback.

STATS & BIO: First year starter that leaves after three seasons at Ohio State. Second team All-Conference selection last year after totaling 41/7/6. Prior to that a special teams player whose defensive contributions were limited to nickel situations.

THE GOOD: Opportunistic cornerback that may not be as good as his stats would dictate. Quick breaking on the ball, has a burst of closing speed and battles hard to defend the throw. Works getting up the field to support the run or defend screen plays.

THE BAD: Not a heady or instinctive defensive back; blows assignments losing his man, gets caught out of position in zone and slow turning back to locate the ball. Has difficulty staying with opponents laterally.

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