It's All About Winning

IRVING, TX - Chance to pass QB legends not important to Bledsoe.

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe -- the guy head coach Bill Parcells has said is successful because of the way he just "manages" a game -- has thrown for 1,663 yards through six games, the third-highest passing yardage this season after New England's Tom Brady and St. Louis' Marc Bulger.

Bledsoe's average of just over 277 passing yards per game this season has him on a pace to throw this season for nearly 4,435 yards this season, which would obliterate the career-bests set by Troy Aikman (who threw for a career-high 3,445 yards in 1992), Roger Staubach (3,586 in 1979) and of course Danny White, the team's record holder after throwing for 3,980 yards in 1983. Should he continue his current pace, Bledsoe not only would set a new team record for passing yards in a single season, he would be the single-season record holder with three franchises, since he already sits atop the single-season lists for the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills.

True to form, Bledsoe deflected talk of setting such a mark with the Cowboys with

"It honestly does not matter," he said of the chance to set the team record. "If we're winning games and I throw for a lot of yards, that's great. But if I get all those yards and we lose, it doesn't mean anything too me."

The biggest beneficiary of his passing production, Bledsoe said, is the Dallas running game.

"As the efficiency of our passing game continues to grow, teams are going to have to back off the line of scrimmage," he said. "Then, our running game can really take off."

For the time being, however, Bledsoe seems relatively unimpressed with the possibility of leapfrogging over Aikman, Staubach and White on the Cowboys' single-season passing charts, or with the notion of simultaneously holding the record with the Cowboys, Bills and Patriots.

"That would be something cool to tell the grandchildren about, I guess," he said, "because it doesn't mean (anything) right now."

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