Newman Respects New Seattle WRs

The snickers are out there: "Seattle doesn't have any receivers."

The skeptics seem to be ignoring the fact that Seattle has a solid, balanced offense. "Koren Robinson is gone, and Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram is out. Peter Warrick is a bust. They can't throw the ball any more."

Um … yes they can.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has thrown for 1,495 yards, eight touchdowns and just three interceptions in the Seahawks' first six games. Injured wideouts Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram have 29 and 27 receptions, respectively. Joe Jurevicius, who at 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds looks more like a tight end than a wide receiver, has 19 receptions and a team-high four touchdowns in his first year in Seattle, after spending his first four seasons with the New York Giants and then three seasons in Tampa Bay. Tight end Jerramy Stevens has 17 receptions and a pair of scores.

Dallas cornerback Terence Newman knows better than to believe the whispers.

"They're all equal," Newman said of the Seattle receivers. "They can all catch balls."

Pressed to name a Seahawk receiver who raises particular concern for the Dallas secondary, Newman declined.

"Jurevicius is a big part of what they do," Newman said. "He's huge, and he's a veteran. He's tough -- real tough.

"Peter Warrick is a veteran -- he's fast, and he knows how to get open."

The dangerous targets in the Seahawks' aerial game, Newman said, aren't limited to the wide receiver position.

"(Running back) Shawn Alexander has great hands, like a wide receiver," Newman said. "And everyone knows what he can do after he makes the catch. He's one of the most dangerous running backs (in the passing game) there is."

Finally, Newman said, the Cowboys have to be concerned with Stevens, who at 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds looks a little like Karl Malone in a helmet and pads.

"He's big -- he's bigger than Wit (Dallas tight end Jason Witten," Newman said. "He's as fast as some receivers, and he catches the ball well."

Translation: the reports of the demise of the Seattle passing game are grossly premature.

"I don't know how people can say that," Newman said. "From what we've seen, they're still real dangerous."

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