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IRVING, TX. - Remember way back in April, when the Dallas Cowboys drafted defensive end Chris Canty? Team officials said that because of the eye injury he suffered after his senior season at Virginia, they didn't know if he'd play at all this season.

Well play he has, and he's been a very pleasant surprise for the Dallas defense. But he sure isn't getting eased into the NFL against anyone's junior varsity team. As the backup to defensive end Greg Ellis, Canty has been asked to learn by diving into the deep end.

First it was San Diego's Roman Oben. Then came Washington's Chris Samuels. Others have included San Francisco's Jonas Jennings and Philadelphia's Tra Thomas.

This week in Seattle, Ellis and Jones will face their biggest test of the season. Seattle left tackle Walter Jones is considered by many to be the finest tackle -- perhaps the finest offensive lineman at any position -- in the entire NFL. Parcells said Thursday that if he had to pick one offensive tackle in the entire NFL, Jones would be his pick. Canty agreed with his coach's assessment.

"He is the best we've played all year," Canty told "He presents some unique challenges for us, because he's big and strong, but he's also particularly athletic."

Canty said he has talked with Ellis about Jones, and said his veteran teammate offered no insight about how to attack the five-time Pro Bowler.

"There's not really one thing you can do against him," Canty said. "You've got to just knuckle up and play. You can't do any special things to try to deter them from running to his side. They're going to run to his side. He's a great player."

Jones has garnered a reputation for his "training" methods. It seems like every year that the ninth-year veteran from Florida State holds out of the Seahawks' training camp. He stays at home in Aliceville, Ala., taking part in his unique physical fitness regimen of … pushing a truck around a parking lot. Then, just days before the season opens, he'll stroll into camp and dominate every defensive end who lines up across from him.

"He's just the complete package," Canty said of Jones. "He's got such a good blend of athleticism, quickness and strength. If we (Ellis and Canty) are going to have any success against him, we've got to have a great game. We've both got to have a solid performance.

"We're going to throw a lot of different things at Seattle. There will be times it will be Greg, and there are times I think it will be me in there. We just have find matchups that are favorable for us, and try to force (the Seahawks) into playing into those matchups."

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