The First Day of Mini-camp

The Cowboys practiced two times on their first day of mini-camp. Here are some of the highs and lows from Friday's action. I must admit, it sure is great to see Roy Williams and Antonio Bryant in a Cowboys' uniform. Oh, and should I mention Chad Hutchinson?

* The first thing that came into focus Friday morning was QB Chad Hutchinson. In case you didn't know, the kid has an absolute gun for an arm. Its no wonder why he was a high profile baseball prospect. Hutchinson looked sharp on all his throws, routinely hitting his targets to all parts of the field. Without question, he has a stronger arm than Quincy Carter. By no means am I starting a quarterback controversy, but you could tell why Jerry Jones went after him in the manner that he did.

* Roy Williams didn't exactly dominate anyone in the one-on-one drills, in fact he was burned more than once on the deep ball. I don't believe this something to be too concerned with, after all it was his first day on the job. Generally speaking, he showed outstanding athleticism. He lined up at strong safety a majority of the time, but he also worked in a little at free safety. He seemed to fit right in at Valley Ranch, joking and talking with a lot of the veteran players whenever possible.

* Antonio Bryant impressed a lot of people by showing his ability to catch the football while his body is in almost any kind of position. He looked surprisingly faster, and a little taller that what I expected. He makes for a big target going across the middle of the field. It is hard to imagine how this kid slipped as far in the draft as he did.

* CB Pete Hunter, the Cowboys fifth round pick out of Virginia Union, didn't impress anyone. Quite frankly, I thought he looked a little slow and he was burned more times that you can count on one hand.

* Quincy Carter looked as good as I've ever seen him, and that includes his sensational freshman year at Georgia. The wobbly, weak-armed passes that many of us witnessed in training camp last year are long gone. He looked crisp on all of his passes, including the the 10-15 yard out patterns across the field. You get the feeling that the signing of QB Chad Hutchinson will bring out the best in Carter. It sure did today at least, and it also helps that he's lost over 10 pounds since last season. His game looked a notch above what we saw at the end of last season.

* RB Woodrow Dantzler has a second gear that is hard to describe. Put him in the open field and good things are going to happen- if anything, he should make the team as a return specialist.

* Bryant Westbrook looked suprisingly healthy, however he only practiced in the morning session and he is expected to continue to that pattern throughout mini-camp.

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