Cowboys to Workout More Players

Head coach Bill Parcells isn't done assembling his team for a run at the playoffs.

Entering the second half of the 2005 season, the Dallas Cowboys have already made several changes to their 53-man roster. And according to Bill Parcells, don't be surprised to see more in the coming days.

"I'm concerned about our linebacker position right now," Parcells said. "We have kind of enough, but I don't have anybody if something else happens. Losing Al (Singleton) put me in, or us, in that position. So I've spent two days with Brian and actually calling a couple of players I know to see where they are with conditioning.

"I would anticipate we will be working out some players next week. That's the whole thing I'm worried about.

Parcells also feels as though there may be concerns with the placekicking situation as well, even though rookie Scott Suisham made both of his field goals Sunday against Arizona.

"I still have some concerns about the kicking situation a little bit. I still have a little concern," he said.

"He (Suisham) was highly productive in college, but I still have some concerns."

As far as which players the Cowboys will workout, Parcells suggested Tuesday that he'll use every avenue possible to make his team better.

"You have to use every vehicle available. You have to look in Canada. You have to look in Europe. You have to look under every rock. You have to look at everything you can look at.

"We are trying to put these contengcies in place." has learned that the Cowboys have recently been in touch with several free agent linebackers, veteran kicker Morten Anderson, as well as two fullback/tight end/H-back type players.

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