Starsky and Hutch

Blazing out of the 70's TV dramas in their red Ford Torino, Starsky and Hutch were the top cops that always got their man. Bold and beautiful, this pair patrolled Bay City, California and kept the bad guys at bay. The Dallas Cowboys have their own version in the quarterback Quincy "Starsky" Carter and Chad "Hutch" Hutchinson.

A dynamic duo of quarterbacks that are vying to lead the Dallas Cowboys back to the top of the NFL heap. And get their man. The Lombardi Trophy.

"Hutch" came to the Cowboys from Stanford via the St. Louis Cardinals farm system. A strapping 6'5", 230-pound player that was known for his mid-nineties fastball, Hutch's return to his first love of football was just a matter of time. And an enterprising Jerry Jones snapped up this potential prospect when he became available. Out bidding other teams and assuring Dallas what would be the equivalent of a mid first round pick in Hutch's employment, Jerry came through as he does when it counts.

Dallas' first quarterback school/mini-camp has shown off the powerful arm of Hutch. His deep balls have drawn ohh's and ahh's from the coaching staff. A fifty-yard completion dropped over the shoulder of one of his new receivers left smiles on the new face of Jones.

Hutch is raw and rusty and will have to shake off several years of baseball and get up to the pro game speed. But if his work ethic is any indication, and all are pleased with his efforts, he will do so at the speed of his "heater" to the inside corner of the plate.

Quincy "Starsky" Carter is the veteran of the pair as a second year starter. His first season came in two distinct episodes. The first was a kid absolutely lost on the field, making the most out of his natural talent, but gaining little in the win column.

The second coming of Quincy showed a player that understood more of what the position demanded. While his accomplishment was not earth shattering, he did run off a 3-3 record and was the Player of the Week after defeating the San Francisco 49ers.

It was evident that the sidelining injury that cost Quincy seven weeks of the season was a blessing in disguise. He studied the position and used his time to learn from quarterback's coach Wade Wilson. A positive note to the detractors that suggested "Starsky" was taken several rounds early by an impatient Jerry Jones.

This off-season, Quincy is continuing in his quest to be the leader of the offense. Jones has commented that Quincy is the first one in and the last one to leave most days at Valley Ranch.

He works tirelessly with Coslet to learn the offense and has been instrumental in coordinating "workouts" of veterans in February. He also attended the rookies meetings Thursday evening before this weekends practices began. Another indication that he wants to lead.

On the field Carter connected with Reggie Swinton burning the newest 1st round choice, safety Roy Williams. Quincy yelled to Roy, "What did you think, we were Kansas?" The reference was to Williams' alma mater Oklahoma and it's perennial punching bag Kansas. The hazing was all in good fun, but Quincy is taking charge of the team and not looking back.

"Football is my job and that's the way I approach it." Carter said. "That's all part of being a quarterback. Those are the same things Troy, Roger, Don Meredith, and Danny White did to be successful," Carter continued. "They all worked hard all of the time and they were all winners. I want to be successful, so I try to pattern myself after them."

The stress of competition between the neo Starsky and Hutch is not evident at this point. Quincy has the advantage by playing in the pro game last season. But both players have past experiences in professional baseball. Quincy played for a few seasons as well.

As time progresses the competition will heat up when Hutch gets closer to being ready to take snaps with the first team. But for now he will ride the pine and watch. Something that produced a bountiful reward for his partner Quincy.

"That's my guy," Hutchinson said. "Quincy works really hard and he's been helpful. I'm doing whatever I can do just to keep up with him."

But surely if Hutch lives up to his billing, he will challenge his partner for the starters spot. An event Jerry Jones foresees as a positive since teams all around the league will vie to take the lesser quarterback off Jerry's hands for a price.

After watching Jones in action at the draft last weekend, that price will be pretty steep.

But for now the pair will work together to make the team better. The friendly competition will make each player work harder to improve and that will pay dividends come September.

Yet one has to wonder if Dave Campo is the equivalent of Captain Dobey, the quick-tempered but supportive boss of TV's Starsky and Hutch, which player or coach fills the platform shoes of the pimp/informant Huggy Bear?

The Update teams exhaustive search continues for answers. Because as we all know, ‘The truth is out there, somewhere.'

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