Jerry Jones on Next Season and the Draft

Here are some interesting comments from Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones on the upcoming season, all the successful free agent signings, and the drama that surrounded last weekend's NFL Draft.

Here are some comments from Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones in a recent interview.

On the success of the 2002 NFL Draft.
We had some hard working people out there, we have about 31 people in our pro and college scouting, and they did a heckuva job this year.

Why Roy Williams at #6?
He's special, he has such an awareness on the field. We saw a little bit of it at training camp over the last few days. He even made an interception in the endzone today (Sunday_ that was incredible.

We had him 4th on board overall. We had the two quarterbacks on the board ahead of him, as well as Julius Peppers, then Roy Williams. Jammer was right after him. Williams gives us the ability to be a better team next season, yet he also helps build a strong foundation for us in the future.

On the gamble of trading down.
We had an idea that Williams would still be there. We knew where Minnesota was probably going with their pick, and we knew if we moved down one space there could be a possiblity that Roy could be gone.

What you hope for is the opportunity with those high picks is to expand the possiblity of picking up more quality players. I think the reward is going to pay off for us in the long run, and it(trading down) was crucial in us picking up WR Antonio Bryant. I had a good idea that Minnesota wouldn't take Roy Williams, and I was right.

Would Minnesota tell you one thing and do another?
Absolutely, I knew that someone could trick us and I was very concerned during those 15 minutes. I think the mistake on the draft is that people think we are buying bonds or something. There is an inherit risk in anything you do. The way to get your team out of the middle of the pack is to acquire a larger number of talented players, and that is what we were trying to do last weekend.

Will Quincy Carter be the quarterback when this team is good?
Yes. He is just getting better and better. He's one of the emost intelligent guys we have on the team. We saw him go into games last year and not make mistakes in real tight situations. He gives us the chance to make some big plays, and of course he's also just so athletic. He's our starting quarterback

Why sign Chad Hutchinson then?
First of all Chad Hutchinson is an outstanding prospect. He has all the attributes of a first round draft pick, and if he would have stayed at Stanford, he would have been one. Remember, you can't make it through any wseason with just one quarterback. This thing is subjective, and not always right. We are backstopping are decision with Quincy by having Hutchinson on the team. We are going to need two quarterbacks before this thing is through.

Emmitt Smith
Emmitt is going to be NFL royalty, he already is actually. We are hoping that we'll have a team this year that is competitive, worthy of his records, and competing for a playoff spot. He'll be a back this year that gets 20, or 25+ carries a ball game.

Any predictions on next year?
You won't get me to do any predicting on these shows. I think with what we are doing we are going to be a better football team.

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