RANCH EXCLUSIVE: Still Formidable

IRVING, TX - Amid all of the circus-like events and commentary surrounding the unbelievable divorce between the Philadelphia Eagles and star wide receiver Terrell Owens, quarterback Donovan McNabb said after his team's loss to the Washington Redskins that his team "might be better off" without Owens.

The theory, of course, is that although Owens is among the best -- if not the best -- receivers in the game, he had become such a massive headache for the team that the Eagles would function more smoothly without the constant distractions created by their mercurial wideout and his attention- and money-loving agent: Drew Rosenhaus. Whether that's true or not is a matter of debate. After all, Barry Bonds is widely viewed as a prima dona of the highest order, but there are very few teams that wouldn't want his bat in the lineup. When he wants to, Owens can perform on a similar level. So is he worth the psychoanalysis that his teammates and coaches undoubtedly would need? All indications are that answers will be discovered next year, in another city, by another team.

The Cowboys, however, aren't concerned with next year's Eagle offense. They must face the 2005 version Monday night, and veteran cornerback Aaron Glenn dismissed the idea that Owens' absence somehow renders the Philly offense impotent.

"We don't care" about the Owens soap opera, Glenn said. "We've got our own problems, our own issues to think about. We don't care what he has said or done up there. They're still a good team with a good offense, and if we sit here and think about him, we're not doing our jobs against the guys who will actually play."

Glenn said that despite Owens' absence, he doesn't expect to see significant changes in the plays or schemes employed by the Philadelphia offense. The Eagles still have capable receivers, he said, and will continue to operate an efficient offensive system.

"They've got a system in place up there, and it's obviously a very effective system," Glenn said. "They're not going to throw out what they did last year (when the Eagles reached the Super Bowl despite missing Owens for the entire playoffs and the end of the regular season after he was injured against Dallas). Andy Reid is a great coach because of this offense, it's why he's thought of as a 'guru.' They were a great team before they got T.O., they were a great team with T.O., and they're a great team without T.O. (again)."

Glenn said that based on the Eagles' performance against the Redskins Sunday night (when Philadelphia had 336 yards of offense, 291 of which came through the air), the offense still has the ability to be effective.

"They didn't get a lot of points, but you've got to remember that's a dang good defense they played in Washington," he said. "And when you've got 'Five' (McNabb) at quarterback, anything can happen. He's a dang good quarterback -- he could make me look good at wide receiver."

Glenn laughed when asked if the Dallas defense's study of Philadelphia game film has shown McNabb suffering any ill effects from his sports hernia.

"If he's got a sports hernia, I wish I had what he has," Glenn said. "I've had a sports hernia, at the end of last year -- I had surgery on that and on my groin, so I know basically what that feels like. I know Donovan well, and I know how tough he is. He plays hurt, he plays hard and he plays with a lot of emotion. What he's been able to do is incredible."

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