Assorted Friday Musings

IRVING, Texas – Assorted musings while trying to figure out how I, as a football observer, will possibly be able to physically bounce back to watch three Cowboys games in 11 days.

  • There are real live smart football people who are willing to bet that the Colts will go undefeated. These are the same folks, I suppose, who will guarantee a Cowboys' victory over Detroit this weekend.

    Fellas, can I have your money?

    The Colts are 9-0, impressive for certain. But. … That impressive record has been constructed against teams with a combined 26-55 record. In those nine wins, Indy played two teams with winning records. Five of the nine wins came against teams who are 2-7 or worse, with another win against a 3-6 team.

    And now here comes the second half: In the final seven games, their opponents have a combined record of 36-27. If you hand them wins against Tennessee and Arizona, the remaining five foes are a combined 32-13. And three of those five are on the road. Meanwhile, three of the next seven teams currently have a 7-2 record, better than anybody the Colts played in the previous nine.

    Combine all the with possibility of sitting stars late in the season, and the Colts are likely to settle in at say, 13-3, the same terrific record as other terrific teams of the recent past.

    The Colts for sure are 16-0? Ridiculous.

    The Lions – who are talking rather boldly in Detroit about what a win over the Cowboys would do for their season – for sure serving as a pre-Thanksgiving turkey at Texas Stadium? We hope so. But we'll see.

  • On Troy Aikman's local Thursday radio show, he stated his opposition to the Terrell Owens-to-the-Cowboys concept in no uncertain terms.

    "It would be the dumbest thing that organization will have done since I retired,'' said the former Cowboys QB.

    I'm still working on the realistic chances of such a transaction (look for my detailed evaluation in a coming Insider magazine). But Troy's research on the subject is done.

    "I wouldn't understand the Cowboys doing that at all,'' he said.

  • Contrarian, and it's always amusing to contrast and compare things he said yesterday with conflicting statements he made the day before. But the Dallas coach's position on running backs is especially compelling.

    Parcells has announced that both incumbent Julius Jones and on-coming Marion Barber will both be in the backfield mix this week and beyond. A good week of practice for Jones might mean a start against Detroit; at the same time, third-stringer Tyson Thompson may also work himself into the mix.

    "I think I have a chance to preserve a guy,'' Parcells said.

    Good policy. Just like last year, when then-rookie Jones, having missed the first half of the season, was handed a uniform and handed the ball 30 times.

  • Chargers linebacker Donnie Edwards was asked this week if he'd rather play on turf than grass. The plastic stuff is better, Edwards answered, because it so happens he's "allergic to grass.'' He goes onto say that the allergies really flare up when the stadium grass has been freshly cut.

    Um, Donnie, when you're team comes to my town, we're cutting the grass at 11:59 a.m. And we're putting the fresh clippings in a bag in front of your locker.

    A rare occurrence: Superman taking out a billboard to advertise his conflict with Kryptonite. And I only wish he'd made that announcement before Dallas lost at grassy San Diego in Week 1.

  • So Coach Parcells hung up motivational mousetraps at the Valley Ranch facility this week, huh? Cute trick. Hope he saved some of them to station around Texas Stadium for the purpose of pest control, as the grand old building continues to devolve into dump-dom.

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