Monday News, Notes, & Rumblings

Well, it looks like one of the great experiments of last season will finally come to a close this week. The much maligned quarterback, Ryan Leaf, will likely see the end of his career as a Dallas Cowboy. Leaf missed all of mini-camp with a "viral infection."

* Ryan Leaf, brought to Dallas last season as insurance at the quarterback position, will likely be released soon. Expect an announcement as early as this week. Leaf missed all of mini-camp with a "viral" infection, but that really is of no concern to Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys' organization as a whole has been more than pleased with the progress of Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson, and Leaf simply doesn't fit into the equation as a 3rd team quarterback.

* The news around Valley Ranch last week regarding newly acquired cornerback Bryant Westbrook was nothing but positive. He continued to look sharp on his feet, showing miminal effects of his season ending injury last season. All indications are that Westbrook will be one of the starting cornerbacks come September 8th against the Houston Texans.

* Mario Edwards also has also stepped up his play a notch- and the coaching staff is taking notice. Edwards made several spectacular plays last week during mini-camp, and he looked extremely sharp in several agility drills.

* Now that free agency and draft news have finally calmed downed, the Cowboys are looking to develop that "team chemistry" that has been inexplicably missing over the last few years.

Some sources are saying that by getting rid of former offensive coordinator Jack Reilly the team has a new sense of urgency and increased motivation. You can thank Bruce Coslet for that.

Coslet's "hand's on" approach has shown veteran players like Emmitt Smith and Raghib Ismail that this year promises to be much more successful. Smith was quoted several times last week saying that things were "just starting to feel right again on offense."

No wonder really, the Cowboys' playbook has basically been cut in half, and all of the movement and adjustments that we've grown accustomed to seeing at the line of scrimmage over the course of the last few years has pretty much come to an end.

* Quincy Carter impressed everyone at mini-camp last week, not only in practice, but off the field as well. Carter has been leading the early morning conditioning exercises and he has also become a vocal leader on offense.

And while Bruce Coslet wouldn't compare Carter to former pro bowl quarterbacks Boomer Esiason and Jeff Blake, he did say say that all he believes Quincy will need to be successful in this league is a little more experience.

* And finally, in case you missed it, the numbers for all the drafted rookies have officially been released. #31 will be SS Roy Williams, #20 CB Derek Ross, #88 C Jeff Robinson, #65 OL Andre Gurode, #14 WR Antonio Bryant, and #34 will be FB Jamar Martin.

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