'Boys Must Win, 'No Matter What'

IRVING, TX. - Dallas head coach Bill Parcells and quarterback Drew Bledsoe stated the obvious Wednesday when they underscored the importance of Sunday's game with the Kansas City Chiefs. Veteran guard Marco Rivera took it one step further.

"This is a must-win for us," Rivera said. "We have got to win this game, no matter what."

Much of the blame for the Cowboys' loss Sunday to the NFC East-leading New York Giants has been directed at the Dallas offensive line, which struggled to open running lanes for the Cowboy running backs and to keep the Giants' defensive line off quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Parcells said Wednesday that he has not been tempted to give backup linemen like Marc Columbo more significant playing time, adding that the Dallas blockers simply need to block more effectively.

"At some point," Parcells said, "we've just got to do what we do better."

Parcells said the offensive line is not alone in in shouldering the blame for the Cowboys' blocking woes.

"There are tight ends involved," he said. "There are receivers involved."

Rivera said the difficulty against New York was not really a matter of poor technique.

"We know we can do it, we know we can rush the ball," Rivera said. "We've just got to do it. There's no magic potion -- it's just guys coming off the ball and sustaining blocks, and guys running hard.

"The running game starts with the offensive line -- it starts up front."

Parcells said he thinks the Cowboys need to win three of the last four regular-season games to have a chance at winning the NFC East. Rivera sounds as if that might not be enough.

"We've got four games left, and they're very big, important games," he said. "I want to win all of them. I don't want to lose again."

The offensive line, he said, must lead the way if the Dallas offense is going to be productive enough for the Cowboys to win down the stretch.

"Any good football team has had a good offensive line," he said. "The offensive line is the backbone of any good team. I believe in my heart that we have a good offensive line. We've done it in the past -- now we just need to do it again."

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