Monday's Camp Report

Ryan Leaf is gone, and Quincy Carter wasn't practicing Monday, can it get anymore confusing than that? Details on these and the other events that took place during Monday's QB-camp are contained in this report.

* In what came as an expected move, the Cowboys gave offensive guard Andre Gurode a serious look at center. This move, while not really suprising to the average fan, might be a little perplexing to Matt Lehr, who has seemingly been groomed to be the Cowboys' next big man at center.

Dave Campo indicated that a decision on who will start at center won't be made until training camp gets underway, and Lehr switched over to left guard today to accomadate the move.

I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Gurode stays right there where he is to anchor the offensive line next season. This kid was clearly a steal for the Boys in the second round, and if you haven't seen him play yet, its really hard to describe his presence on the football field.

To put it simply, he typically engulfs any defender he encounters and has his way with them by either knocking them down, or pushing them entirely out of the scope of the play.

I'm not saying its a done deal, because Lehr won't go without a fight. He is up to an incredible 307 pounds after a strict offseason plan instituted by strength coach Joe Juraszek.

Remember, Lehr ended the 2001 season weighing in at a mere 272 pounds.

"I want whatever is best for the team," Lehr said earlier today in regards to the move. "But I believe the hard work is going to pay off for me somehow."

* Roy Williams lined up exclusively as the free safety today, while veteran Darren Woodson lined up at strong safety. No surprise here, Campo insisted this is what they'd likely do on draft day.

And speaking of Roy Williams, he continues to look outstanding on the practice field, as he consistently shows great instincts in everything he does. Reading the quarterback, breaking on the football, and his general decision making is borderline incredible.

Anyone looking for prime rookie of the year candidates? I wouldn't look much farther than the former Big XII Defensive Player of the Year.

* After several weeks of rumors and speculation, QB Ryan Leaf was finally released today, even though some teams were nibbling on the idea of trading a late round pick for his services. Reportedly, the Seattle Seahawks were the most interested.

"Ryan Leaf was a team player throughout his entire time here and we wish him the absolute best. This is a decision that came down to numbers on our depth chart at the quarterback position. We appreciate his contributions and we wish him success," owner Jerry Jones said.

Although the trade didn't go down, don't be surprised to see Leaf end up somewhere in the AFC West.

Leaf started three games for the Cowboys last year and all three were losses. He completed 45-of-88 passes for 494 yards, for 1 touchdown and 3 INTs.

* Look for QB Anthony Wright to be the next guy on the chopping block. I almost wonder why the Cowboys are keeping him around as long as they have. Hutchinson will clearly be a solid back up and Stoerner has some NFL experience and makes for a perfect 3rd team quarterback.

* Quincy Carter missed today's practice somewhat unexpectedly. He reportedly had a "family matter" to attend to that required his immediate attention. Carter was on a plane this morning out of Dallas and missed the entire session. It is unclear as to whether or not Quincy will be back in time for Tuesday's practice.

* Backup QB Chad Hutchinson continued to look decent, but remember, he's just that- a back up. He was the one that took the place of Carter today at Valley Ranch. Hutch remains most impressive on the deep-out patterns as that seems to be the route that best showcases that strong arm of his.

And boy does he have a cannon.

"Chad's doing well, he's making progress. We want to give him as much work as he can to give him a chance to understand the offense and get rid of some of the rust," Campo said. "He throws the ball well. He's in pretty good shape right now."

* The Cowboys also released defensive tackle Maurice Gordon on Monday. Gordon, a rookie free agent from Texas, signed with Dallas last month.

* And finally, former Dallas Cowboys tight end Johnny Huggins was released by the Houston Texans this afternoon.

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