No Excuses

The Cowboys make no excuses about their playoff position headed into the final week of the season.

The Cowboys (9-6) are bracing for the possibility of winning 10 games and staying at home for the playoffs.

If they don't get any help - i.e. a Washington or Carolina loss - that is what they face going into their Sunday night matchup against the Rams.

If anyone had told the Cowboys before the season that they would have won 10 games, they all would have assumed they'd make the playoffs.

"Every year it's proven that 10 wins gets you in," tight end Dan Campbell said. "This would be the first time since 1991. That's tough to think about. But right now we are the odd man out. But our goal was to win the division. If things don't work out, you want to get in as a wild card. That is what we are hoping for. We just want in and see what happens from there."

Since 1990, only three teams have won at least 10 games and not made the NFL playoffs, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

  • 2003: Miami - Denver (10-6) finished ahead of Miami (10-6) based on a better conference record (9-3 to 7-5).

  • 1991: San Francisco - Atlanta (10-6) finished ahead of San Francisco (10-6) based on a head-to-head sweep.

  • 1991: Philadelphia - Atlanta (10-6) finished ahead of Philadelphia (10-6) based on a better conference record (7-5 to 6-6).

    The Cowboys are at this point because of a tough NFC and because of a season in which five of their six losses have been by seven points or less.

    Consequently, Campbell said the Cowboys have no one but themselves to blame, recalling especially last-minute losses to the Redskins and Seahawks.

    "We had a chance to do something about it," Campbell said.

    That's safety Roy Williams' point of view as well.

    Although the Cowboys need the Eagles to beat the Redskins or the Falcons to beat the Panthers to have a chance, he said he would not allow himself to be fan of another team.

    He will do his best to help the Cowboys beat the Rams and accept whatever fate comes to them.

    "I feel if we would have took care of business in the close games we had and some other games, we wouldn't have to worry about who wins or loses," Williams said. "We can't put faith on somebody else or another team. We should have taken care of it. I honestly feel if it was meant to be it's meant to be. I am not about to get excited about another team winning or losing."

    SERIES HISTORY: 27th meeting. The series is tied 13-13. Dallas won the last meeting in 2002. The Rams have won the last three meetings in Dallas.

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