Ability vs. Experience

Quincy Carter was back Tuesday on the practice fields at Valley Ranch, and this time it was Chad Hutchinson who missed out. Hutch sat the day out with strep throat. Details on the quarterback situation and more are contained in this report. <b>(Player Quotes Added Tuesday Evening)</b>

Quincy Carter was back at Valley Ranch Tuesday afternoon after missing Monday's practice for personal reasons. He took most of the snaps with the first team and showed no effects of missing the first practice of the second quarterback school of the year.

Interestingly enough, it was Chad Hutchinson who had to sit out Tuesday, due to a severe case of strep throat. And speaking of Hutch, alot of rumors have going around at the Ranch lately, with most of them surrounding the quarterback situation.

After Ryan Leaf was promptly shown the door, it seems as though the concensus is that Anthony Wright will be the odd man out. But before you go and scratch Mr. Wright off your roster, wait just one second.

We've seen time after time that any given team's number one guy at quarterback can be knocked out for one game, or even the entire season in just one play.

Furthermore, how many times has a backup come in to provide some much needed spark to an ailing offense, or simply close out a game once victory is in hand?

It happens more than you might think.

So I ask you this Cowboys' fans, do you want a player who hasn't stepped onto the football field in over 4 years to decide the ultimate fate of your team in those situations?

My point is really this, why get rid of Anthony Wright when he has solid NFL experience that no other quarterback (besides Quincy) has?

Why put an inexperienced rookie in there calling the shots when you can have an experienced athlete with a strong arm and good mobility? And we aren't just talking about a rookie here folks, we are talking about a guy who hasn't played any form of organized football in over 4 years.

Why not give Chad Hutchinson a clipboard and let him watch from the sidelines next season? Let him develop, let him mature, and let him soak in the NFL through the course of an entire season on the sideline.

I guarantee you that would provide him with a much clearer picture of the NFL, and that alone will allow him to be a better quarterback in the future.

Sure, Chad Hutchinson has all the natural ability in the world to go along with a strong arm, and he also has demonstrated excellent decision making during the two mini-camps held thus far. The one thing he doesn't have though is experience, and in the NFL, experience at the quarterback position is critical to team success.

Hutchinson hasn't even seen live action on the football field since 1997, and if you ask me, it just might too much to expect him to come in next year if Quincy is injured.

Quite frankly, it takes even the top athletes in the world time to adjust to the game after significant time off, and even though Hutchinson has responded well in practice, that most likely won't translate into big numbers on gameday.

If Anthony Wright were to stay a Cowboy, he'd provide some much needed insurance in case Quincy went down for a couple of games. He'd also allow Hutchinson time to adjust to the NFL, and whether you like to hear it or not- he's going to need it.

Keep Wright, make him your second team quarterback this year, and give Hutchinson time to grow up. In the NFL, you go with experience over ability- at least in terms of first year players.

Just a thought for you during these anxious times for quarterbacks.

Other Tuesday Notes:

* RB Troy Hambrick on the Cowboys new defensive line, "Boy them guys are quick up there on the D-line, I don't think I've made it into the secondary once. All those boys and La'Roi Glover are quick."

* Dave Campo on practice overall, "I wasn't pleased with the execution today, but I like our intensity. We are focused as a group and we practice hard."

* QB Quincy Carter on the team's peformance overall, "I think its great competition out there right now, but remember we don't have Larry Allen. We really didn't look sharp today, but in this offense, we'll be alright. We are in position and we just need to keep practicing hard."

* DE Greg Ellis on QB-School, "They really shouldn't call it QB-School because we are all out here working. You can tell the people that don't know anything about football, because they'll come up and ask you what you are doing here. We just need to call them all mini-camps."

* TE Bob Slowikowski, a sixth-round draft pick out of Virginia Tech, suffered a torn anterior cruciate in his right knee Tuesday and will be out for the entire season.

Slowikowski looked sharp in the Cowboys' first mini-camp in April, but it now looks like he will be out for an extended period of time.

* WR Rocket Ismail has missed the last two days of practice to be with his wife. Ismail's status for Wednesday is still uncertain.

Rookie WR Antonio Bryant has taken Ismail's spot on the first team during the last two days. By the way, Bryant runs as crisp a route as any receiver I've ever seen.

* While Mario Edwards is recovering from shoulder surgery, Pat Dennis is working with the first team at right cornerback and Bryant Westbrook is opposite him.

* Finally, Ryan Leaf signed with the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday afternoon, as expected. Leaf will be the #3 quarterback behind (1) Trent Dilfer and (2) Matt Hasselbeck.

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