Final Minicamp Notes

A couple of notes as the Cowboys wrap up their 3-day "QB-School." QB Chad Hutchinson made his way back onto the practice fields after missing Tuesday with strep throat, and The Rocket also returned to action after missing the first two days to be with his wife.

* QB Chad Hutchinson made his way back onto the practice field Wednesday afternoon after missing Tuesday's practice with strep throat.

* Also, Raghib Ismial returned to action for the first time since late April. Ismial had been with his sick wife in the hospital Monday and Tuesday. Antonio Bryant took his place by practicing as the #2 receiver along with Joey Galloway.

* Don't expect any big changes in the positioning of big C Andre Gurode anytime in the near future. The coaching staff has been more than pleased with how the big man has looked anchoring the line, even though the team has yet to practice in pads.

You may recall that on two seperate occasions this offseason, Gurode has pancaked an opposing player during practice.

* Derek Ross and Jamar Martin have still not made it to Valley Ranch. The two are finishing up their coursework at Ohio State and are technically ineligible to practice with the team.

* Offensive Coordinator Bruce Coslet has begun to downplay the idea of having Hutchinson as the potential number three quarterback on the Cowboys' roster this upcoming season. "I think we have established that before we signed him," said Coslet.

"You think that we would have given him three million bucks if we didn't think he could at least back up Quincy? I wouldn't have given him that much if I didn't, that's for darn sure."

And while everyone continues to talk a good game with Hutchinson, don't forget that he still hasn't seen any live action on the gridiron since 1997. Things will be alot different for him this preseason when 300 pound linemen are in his face.

* So far, so good with WR Antonio Bryant. The coaching staff has been thrilled with his performance on the field, as well as his behavior off the field.

Bryant has started to lock himself into the third wide receiver spot heading in training camp, and as long as he continues to remain low key- good things are going to happen with this kid.

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