Cowboys Radio: A New Frontier?

IRVING, TX -- It was viewed as mind-blowing innovation 15 years ago, when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones unplugged his broadcast rights from Dallas' KRLD Radio and signed on with (horrors!) an FM station.

Brace yourself for the next mind-blowing innovation.

Sources tell that Jones is working to re-up with the same FM-providing company that has served him well (once on KVIL-FM, for the last four years with sister station KLUV-FM). But we understand that this deal, if it goes through, will be for 2006 only -- and that Jones' ears are wide-open to new broadcast horizons.

Once, he asked why his sports team's game broadcasts needed to be on a sports/news/talk station. During the next 12 months, we understand, Jones will examine the question of why the Cowboys need to be on a traditional radio station at all.

Infinity, the company that owns KLUV, had been paying Jones $8 million a year. On the table for 2006 is a deal that will pay just $2.5 mil, we're told. That's reason enough for Jones to engage in some electronic-age wildcattin'.

Do the Cowboys need to be on traditional radio? AM or FM? AM and FM? How about making internet streaming the primary place to hear broadcasts? How about satellite radio? Can the Cowboys run their own broadcasts without the help of a radio staff? How about the Cowboys simply owning their own radio station?

Veteran Cowboys voice Brad Sham will continue to be the centerpiece of the game presentation -- and hopefully will do so long into the future, whatever mind-blowing form Cowboys broadcasting takes.

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