Tuesday News, Notes, & Rumblings

The first of three QB schools has now come and gone, and we have several new tidbits to report around Valley Ranch. Also, has anyone else out there given a second thought to how big this offensive line could be next season?

* We've now seen the Cowboys in action on two seperate occasions so far this year, and if we know one thing, it's this: the offensive line next season might just be one of the biggest in the NFL. Start with C Andre Gurode.

To say that Gurode is enormous would be an understatement. He stands in at a very impressive 6'4, 316 pounds, and he's not all about size either. Gurode has been manhandling just about everyone he has encountered during his brief tenure as a Dallas Cowboy.

Gurode will be joined by veterans Flozell Adams and Larry Allen, who are two massive players in their own right. Our projected starters on the offensive line currently look something like this:

Flozell Adams  T  6-7 335 
Andre Gurode   C  6-4 316
Larry Allen    G  6-3 326 
Kelvin Garmon  G  6-2 329
Solomon Page   T  6-4 321
Thats an average of 6'4, 325 pounds per man. Quite impressive indeed, and quite intimidating to some of the smaller defensive lines around the league.

After the coaching staff inserted Gurode into the starting line up at center, Matt Lehr was moved as a backup to most of the other interior line positions.

Lehr might be actually be one of the "smaller" linemen to receive serious playing time in 2002. "Small" meaning he weighs in at just over 300 pounds.

And while all that size will be a great asset for the Cowboys next season, it will be interesting to see how an offensive line so big responds late in the 4th quarter.

* The latest debate involving the quarterback situation has Anthony Wright hanging around Valley Ranch a little longer than previously expected. Wright, after all, does have significant NFL experience, and if the Cowboys were to get rid of him, they might have to look elsewhere for insurance.

Seems rather silly to get rid of an athlete who has experience and is respected by his teammates. Perhaps that whole regular season surgery debacle from a year will be a significant factor here. Stay tuned.

* We've received numerous requests here at The Update over the course of the last couple of weeks for news and notes on WR Randall Williams. Nothing new here on Williams, except that he continues to catch everything thrown his way. He'll be battling it out for that sixth spot at wide receiver once training camp gets under way in August.

* Don't count FB Robert Thomas out as the starting fullback just yet. Thomas missed 11 games last season after suffering a high ankle sprain, and when Jamar Martin was available in the 4th round, the Cowboys thought it might be good to have a little extra insurance for a position that is crucial in the west coast offense.

After reviewing film last season of Troy Hambrick trying to adjust into the role of a pure blocking back, the Cowboys coaching staff realized just how much Thomas meant to this team. Thomas is a solid football player, and he generally attacks his assignments with controlled intensity.

Make no mistake, Martin will have his work cut out for him once he arrives at Valley Ranch, especially since he has missed the first two mini-camps of the offseason. The entire free world knows he can block, but how will he adjust to quickness of the game at the NFL level, and can he catch the football consistently out of the backfield?

He'll have to play catchup in a hurry once he officially makes it to the practice fields. Look for this to be a great battle between two big time athletes in San Antonio this August.

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