Wayne Manor?

Have you noticed today's society is all about "the look?" Ya, the look. Find out what everyone around you is doing then conform. Fit in. Be accepted. Join the crowd. Board the bandwagon. Society is disturbing. A growing mass of copy cats and sought-after prototypes. In the lyrical words of Toby Keith, "Gotta Get'cha Some."

Where on earth did originality and creativity go? Out the window at the same time political correctness was "liberally" breaking down the front door. That's where. Oh, the longing for yesteryear and the days when character and characters actually mattered.

While in the ponderous stage, why is bigger automatically better? Is it? Really? Isn't this the same society responsible for coining the phrase "big things come in small packages? If Pee Wee Herman, size equates to sentencing terms. On the other hand, if John Fox, Steve Smith, translated, denotes Super Bowl invitation. If you let it, social movements can draw you in and suck the life right out of personal essence. Muy Grande be damned. Take a seat while diminutive takes center stage. Somewhere out there, I hear Randy Newman clapping his heart content.

Is it safe to say, more than once, Steve Largent, Fred Biletnikoff, Lance Rentzel and Alworth, Clayton and Duper, John Jefferson, the Smurfs, the Moon-led Run N Shoot Gang, and even dear old, recognition-high jacked, Drew Pearson were told "you'll never make it?" For the purity and glory of the greatest game going, fellas, thanks for not listening!!

Remember that social movement, societal craze thing mentioned a few stanzas back? Well, Cowboys Faithful, congratulations, you've been officially ordained into mainstream society. Just consult the boards on this very site to read the earth-shattering banter on whether Keyshawn is staying or going, and if the latter, surfing the calendar to determine which day Terrell Owens will arrive. Most would chalk this up to off season down time and orchestrated pot-stirring, but the threads scream reality. Life and death, Super Bowl or bust reality. All simply surmised two ways. B and S.

Here's exactly what's troubling the Cowboys receiving core. Two things. The offensive line, and are you ready for this? Nothing. Zip. Nada. Pretty simple stuff, huh? Fix one and it's down to nothing!! Self-professed, a very nice problem to have. Capeesh?

Yet, clamoring abounds. Yes, you, peanut gallery in the back. Your floor. Current core is on the wrong side of thirty and half the current tandem has propensity for injury. To which there is no argument, but you're talking about the entire NFL here. All play the very same game. Year after year. Battling the odds, Father Time and the injury gods. The dreaded trinity. All three, like the 32 teams themselves, show up for every training camp, preseason and 16-game slate. All to say, the Cowboys concerns are shared, league-wide sentiments.

Let's cut to the chase; why do you want T.O. on this team? The mere thought of him pulling on the famed silver dome, flanked on either side by the very symbol he chose to personally desecrate, is far beyond sacrilegious; it's totally unforgivable. No one act more vile and degrading to anyone purporting themselves to be a card-carrying member of the Cowboys Nation. To trade forgiveness for a Lombardi Trophy is treason of the highest order. No apology, act (exactly what it would be) or term of endearment would excuse the unthinkable. Had Moses been compelled to construct an 11th commandment, with assistance from The Great George Teague, it would have read something along these lines: Thou shall not, ever, disrespect Thy house and defile the most sacred piece of real estate and revered symbol known to man.

Altogether now…………Amen.

With that small, noteworthy item out of the way, do we care to analyze what his presence might inflict on the current locker room? Here's the most beautiful of all words when it comes to T.O…..PASS. As in, we'll take one. For the TEAM!!

Yes, Jerry, stardom equates to bank roll, and there certainly (cringing injected here) would be no shortage of jerseys sold, but fan apparel never had the opportunity to hoist the coveted Lombardi hardware. If a #81 jersey is seen around Texas Stadium, it better be back-stamped with Miller (remember Anthony?), Morgan or Price. Enough said.

Ladies and Gentlemen: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton and Terrence Copper assembly. The issues squarely reside on the jerseys darning Adams, Allen, Johnson, Gurode, Rivera, Petitti and Tucker. This collection either requires rehab, tweaks, time or a scrap heap invite. Fix it and "they" will come.

If hell bent on addressing the receiving core, let's discuss the "they" mentioned above. All conversations should begin and end with the name Reggie Wayne. The unheralded counterpart to gray beard, yet highly-productive, Marvin Harrison. Indianapolis has Fort Knox tied up in Manning and Harrison, and with all probability will open the vault to retain Edgerrin James. In a year where so much was expected of this team, they'll likely do anything to secure the engine which drives their running game. So, how much does that leave in the coffers to entice Wayne to remain in the fold? Bank on the Colts being outbid for his services or grossly overpaying for his abilities. Any wrong move could seriously jeopardize team continuity.

While some will see Alvin Harper written all over such transcendence from shadow to spotlight, the kid has skills. His resume and tenure convey all the desirables. Several years shy of the 30 mark, increased production and dependability from year to year, and the "team" thread is sewn through the fabric of the player himself. Prototype? No. Fad? No. Football player? Yes. Again, if changes must be made, and Jerry can offload Key's salary for a proven, youthful investment, then let the bidding commence.

If the Cowboys are as close to Super Bowl XLI as they, and some others think, then missing parts are free agency acquisitions, not 2006 draftees. Especially at WR and OL. Outside of QB, probably two of the most difficult arenas in which to apply your craft in year one. Due to the learning curve, rarely is success and notoriety achievable. Aside from free safety, everything else should be Draft-driven with an eye for cementing future depth and succession planning.

For those finding great unrest in offensive coordinator replacement, chill. There are much bigger, as in 1600 pounds worth, concerns to occupy sleepless nights. To Key or not to Key is not the question. To protect or not protect, now, that is the question.

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