2006 Free Agents: Cornerbacks

The Cowboys have signed several key cornerbacks in free agency in recent years. Are there any possibilities in 2006?

Top Targets:
Will Allen (New York Giants) — He's viewed as a decent second corner who can play in most zone schemes.

Charles Woodson (Oakland) — He clearly isn't the player he once was and has suffered through a lot of injuries in recent seasons. Woodson, when he's at the top of his game, can be as close to a shutdown cover player as there is, but he hasn't been at the top of his game in some time. The team isn't expected to re-sign him, but he still should get a lot of attention in free agency because he's still very talented.

Deshea Townsend (Pittsburgh) — He's gotten better in recent seasons and has developed into a dependable starter. Because the team blitzes so much he's often caught in one-on-one coverage, but Townsend wins most of the battles though he's not really looked at being physical. While not a top cornerback, he's certainly worth signing as a No. 2 should the team decide not to re-sign him.

2006 Free Agent Cornerbacks
A listing of the cornerbacks scheduled for NFL free agency in 2006. UFA=Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA=Restricted Free Agent. For definitions of free-agent terms, click here. Listed alphabetically by team.
Player Free-Agent Type 2005 Team
Robert Tate UFA Arizona Cardinals
Raymond Walls UFA Arizona Cardinals
Deion Sanders UFA Baltimore Ravens
Dale Carter UFA Baltimore Ravens
Nate Clements UFA Buffalo Bills
Kevin Thomas UFA Buffalo Bills
Dante Wesley UFA Carolina Panthers
Reggie Myles UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Rashad Bauman UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Ray Mickens UFA Cleveland Browns
R.W. McQuarters UFA Detroit Lions
Andre' Goodman UFA Detroit Lions
Jason Bell UFA Houston Texans
Terry Cousin UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
Kenny Wright UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
DeWayne Washington UFA Kansas City Chiefs
Ralph Brown UFA Minnesota Vikings
Brian Williams UFA Minnesota Vikings
Hank Poteat UFA New England Patriots
Chad Scott UFA New England Patriots
Fakhir Brown UFA New Orleans Saints
Will Allen UFA New York Giants
Reynaldo Hill UFA Oakland Raiders
Charles Woodson UFA Oakland Raiders
DeShea Townsend UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Jamar Fletcher UFA San Diego Chargers
Jimmy Williams UFA Seattle Seahawks
Willie Middlebrooks UFA San Francisco 49ers
Terry Fair UFA St. Louis Rams
Corey Ivy UFA St. Louis Rams
Juran Bolden UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tony Beckham UFA Tennessee Titans
Ricky Manning RFA Carolina Panthers
Jerry Azumah RFA Chicago Bears
Kiwaukee Thomas RFA Miami Dolphins
Frank Walker RFA New York Giants
Roderick Hood RFA Philadelphia Eagles
Ike Taylor RFA Pittsburgh Steelers
DeJuan Groce RFA St. Louis Rams
Chris Johnson RFA St. Louis Rams
Torrie Cox RFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ade Jimoh RFA Washington Redskins

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