Cowboys Defensive Staff Complete

The Cowboys' defensive staff is now complete -- and, I suppose, wouldn't have been complete had the club not found a way to add another "Parcells Guy.''

Assorted notes from atop the Fish's barstool:
  • The Cowboys' defensive staff is now complete -- and, I suppose, wouldn't have been complete had the club not found a way to add another "Parcells Guy.''

    On Wednesday, Dallas added Vincent Brown to the coaching staff. Brown's playing credentials are sound; he was an eight-year NFL veteran linebacker who played under Parcells and spent his entire career as a Patriot. Brown will take over the responsibility of coaching the Cowboys middle linebackers, working under Paul Pasqualoni, the linebackers coach.

    To be fair, Brown's coaching credentials are, um. ... well, you be the judge: For the past four years, Brown has been working as an assistant football coach at Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, GA.

    Here's hoping Vincent can make the leap from coaching games at places like Meadowcreek High to places like The Meadowlands, New Jersey.

  • I've covered a couple of Pro Bowls, so I understand how lally-gaggy the how event is supposed to be. Players certainly aren't expected to clock one another. It's a gentleman's-agreement sort of thing. Still, as sympathetic as I am to the fact that AFC receiver Rod Smith is probably just now catching his breath, I kind of like the fact that Roy Williams didn't get (or adhere to) the lally-gaggy memo.

  • : No, this 12th Man Cheap Shot is not directed at Texas A&M, which came off as a bit snippy for its legal position regarding the Seahawks' stolen 12th Man theme. This 12th Man cheap shot is instead directed at the Seahawks fans themselves.

    From all reports, the Ford Field crowd in Detroit for Super Bowl XL was "90-10'' Steelers fans. If Seahawks fans purport to be as passionate and devoted as Aggies fans, shouldn't they have at least shown up for the biggest game in the franchise's history?

  • : I've made the point for a couple of years now that Bill has his media favorites, that he feeds those people, that none of them are based in Dallas (thus none of the beat writers in D/FW have any true access to him or insight from him and that if you want to know what's going on with Parcells, you have to read Chris Mortensen and Peter King.

    Exhibit 1 million: Peter reports that he caught Bill in a teary-eyed moment.

    Writes King: "I think the most amazing thing I've heard in a long, long time was the choked-up, unsteady voice of Bill Parcells over the phone from Dallas Saturday afternoon, after the election of one of his favorite players, Harry Carson, to the Hall of Fame. "I've been crying for five minutes,'' he told me. "God, am I happy. Harry is so deserving, and I couldn't be happier for anyone. It's unbelievable.''

    Hmm. Touching. One can only assume that Bill cares as much about the team he is presently paid $5 mil a year to coach.

  • Because of my career choice, I happen to care. How the networks choose their broadcast teams, how the personalities mesh, the behind-the-scenes intrigue -- I dig all of it. But I sense that the average fan could not care less whether Mike Tirico is going to do ESPN's Monday Night Football or whether Al Michaels skipped out of his contract to move to NBC's Sunday Night Football or whether James Brown is leaving Fox to work for CBS.

    I believe, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, that you "cheer for the laundry.'' That is, you cheer for the uniforms, whomever are inside of them. You watch for the uniforms.

    And if that is true -- that you watch for the uniforms -- why would you possibly care about which disembodied voice talks on which channel during the game you are going to watch regardless?

  • So Art Shell is back coaching the Raiders, mostly because an army of other more viable candidates turned down Al Davis. I suppose it is progress, in a sense: a black man is now in the "good ol' boy network''?

    And from another angle, provided by 75-Member Staffer Larry Legend: Isn't this the equivalent of Jerry Jones re-hiring Barry Switzer?

  • Can Larry Allen still play football at a high level? I'm dubious. Can Larry Allen bench-press 225 pounds 43 times? That's what he did at the Pro Bowl skills challenge thing, and I'm dumbfounded.

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