Training Camp Draws Closer

WR Antonio Bryant continues to look sensational, and the team as a whole is finally starting to believe that they can indeed turn it around next year. Think the Cowboys can't win the NFC East, think again.

* CB Bryant Westbrook sat out almost all of Wednesday's practice with a slight left hamstring strain. Pat Dennis looked outstanding as his replacement, making several spectacular pass break-ups and consistently staying stride for stride with all the wide receivers he matched up against.

* Dave Campo spoke to his team after practice and seemingly brought down the hammer on some of the new players. "Some of you guys haven't been here too long," said Campo. "And looking at it right now, you've basically got three months to make this football team."

"I'm a straight shooter, and I'll tell it how it is," said Campo.

* Don't expect big OT Aaron Gibson to make any serious waves this offseason. While he's been talking a good game in the local newspapers, his performance has only marginally improved. Gibson was quoted earlier today saying that he had been trying to step up his overall effort and conditioning, however Dave Campo isn't sold just yet, "I'm not 100 percent sold on his work ethic yet. But I'm working on it, because I think he is improving," said Campo.

Gibson has improved, but he still has a long way to go before he ever lives up to his full potential. Furthermore, you can't install good work habits in someone overnight, it takes time. The former first round draft pick of the Detroit Lions has a long summer ahead of him if he plans on helping this team out next season.

It will be interesting to see if his improvement carries over to training camp in San Antonio.

* Dave Campo went on after practice to get a feel for how his team is viewing next season, "I want them to get in their minds that our goal is not just to be out on the field. Our goal is to win games, and it should be to win the NFC East."

When he posed the question to see if his team thought they could win the NFC East next season, every single player raised a hand. Guess you could say there is a little bit of that swagger back in the Cowboys step.

* In other news, former Cowboy and current Dallas Desperado WR/DB Kareem Larrimore attended practice at Valley Ranch on Wednesday.

* Finally, WR Antonio Bryant continues to be a smooth operator on the practice fields, catching everything thrown his way and routinely having his way with the secondary. It just seems like the Cowboys were able to get three first round draft picks this year with Bryant, Gurode, and of course Roy Williams. Williams looks as smooth and as polished as any football player on the field.

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