Writing On the Wall for Glover, Ellis?

Defensive end Greg Ellis predicted his demise a year ago, and now defensive tackle LaRoi Glover sees the same writing on the wall.

Both could be salary cap casualties in the next couple of weeks - not because their skills have diminished but because their production did in 2005 due to a lack of playing time.

Key to the story is the fact that Ellis is due a $500,000 roster bonus in March, while Glover is due a $1.5 million roster bonus.

Ellis predicted as much before last season, when he learned the Cowboys were switching to the 3-4 defense. He didn't think it was a good fit for him and he felt the Cowboys would take playing time away from him for a bigger player.

Of course, that's what happened, as the Cowboys started rookie Chris Canty by the end of the season. Ellis isn't mad. He just wants the Cowboys to cut him loose and let him go to another team if they aren't going to use him.

If they are, he would like an upgrade on his salary. The Cowboys have stated they want to keep Ellis around and have promised him more playing time. Ellis would trust their intentions more with an upgraded salary. He has led the team in sacks the past four years.

Glover's situation is similar. He is also deemed to small to be a full-time player in the 3-4. That's why the Cowboys signed Jason Ferguson in the off-season and gave him the full-time job.

Reduced to a part-time role, Glover produced just 28 tackles and three sacks - his lowest totals since his rookie year. Glover still has the respect of his peers and was voted to Pro Bowl. It's more proof to him that he can still get it done. He wants to stay in Dallas, but he also wants to be a full-time player again.

He might get his chance. In addition the roster bonus, Glover has a $7.2 million salary cap figure.

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