Dallas Interested in Antonio Bryant?

Former Cowboys wide out will be back on the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Antonio Bryant is at it again, sort of.

After putting up career highs with the Cleveland Browns last year (69 catches for 1009 yards), the organization will look to explore all other options this year in free agency.

Despite being able to control his temper in Cleveland, more than he did in Dallas; Bryant is expected to become an unrestricted free agent on March 3.

"We want to see what might be available to us," said Browns General Manager Phil Savage. "We're not shutting the door on Antonio but if he can go out there and test the market. At this stage of the game, we want to see if we can explore some possibilities. I think we do need a veteran receiver. At this time last year, we tried to bring in some people to stabilize us and didn't address the wide receiver situation."

That leads us to the natural question, "Would Dallas be interested in bringing Bryant back for a second stint?"

In a word, "no."

Yes the Cowboys would like to get younger at the position this offseason, but adding Bryant back into the mix would not fit in well with the organization.

In addition, Scout.com had a chance to talk to a personnel evaluator recently about the mercurial Bryant recently who said while Bryant is still very talented, but he has many "chinks in the armor."

Bryant still drops too many passes (seven last season), isn't a precise route runner (still freelances from time to time which was a problem with Dallas), and clearly has concentration lapses. And despite his solid numbers from last season, he still isn't seen as a No. 1 wide receiver in this league.

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