Wednesday News, Notes, & Rumblings

We've got the latest news and notes surrounding the Cowboys. In today's edition we have thoughts on a whole host of topics, including the possibility of the Cowboys considering DT Sam Adams as a training camp roster addition.

Quincy Carter
The Cowboys are techincally off for the next 4 weeks, meaning there are no more formalized practices scheduled, but many players will stay at Valley Ranch to continue the morning workout sessions and other conditioning exercises. Quincy Carter continues to lead the way in that department.

Carter is seemingly always around, watching film, working out, or just sitting in on various meetings. "I'm just trying to make myself a better football player," says Carter. "I have to do everything I can to make myself better, that's all."

You have to admit, that sure is one great attitude to have in your starting quarterback.

Roster Cuts on the Way
Including the guys over in NFL Europe, the Cowboys have 94 players on their current roster, which can only mean one thing- cuts are on the way. By the time September 8th rolls around, that number has to be trimmed down to the NFL-mandated 53, which means that 41 of those 94 athletes won't make the team.

"Some of the guys haven't been here too long," said head coach Dave Campo. "And looking at it right now, they basically have three months to make this football team."

Remember, three months isn't a very long time in the NFL, especially if you are trying to improve yourself to make the final cut during training camp.

It's hard to say which of the lower round/undrafted free agents have the best chance of the making the Cowboys, but the smart money might be on Woodrow Dantzler.

The Quarterback Situation
The Quincy Carter/Chad Hutchinson debacle isn't even worth mentioning, because we all now know that Carter is the Cowboys number one guy. Anthony Wright, however, is still on the outside looking in.

Look for the Cowboys to use Clint Stoerner as the 3rd string signal caller this fall. Most of this revolves around Wright's decision to have mid-season surgery last year, otherwise, he might be battling Quincy for a spot on the first team in training camp.

Many scouting experts around the NFL like Wright's lively arm and mobility, and you'd expect the Cowboys should be able to get something in return for his services, but it hasn't happened yet.

Wright actually looked decent in his limited action during the last QB school. He completed a couple of tough, cross-the-field passes, as well as several long balls that burned rookie Roy Williams.

Interestingly enough, Anthony has kept quiet about the whole situation, but that may be because he's on his way out the door.

More Free Agent Signings?
Don't believe for one second that the Cowboys are seriously considering bringing in Sam Adams on the defensive line. Sure, adding a player of his caliber would undoubtedly improve the Boys interior run-defense, but it just isn't in the cards.

Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones has been extremely pleased with the moves he has made this offseason, and he's content to have this team stay almost exactly the way it is right now.

Look for a few more minor personel moves, but nothing like bringing in a football player as noteable as Sam Adams. Think about it, Kevin Hardy, La'Roi Glover, Bryant Westbrook, AND Sam Adams in one offseason?

I don't think so. Its just too much to ask for at this point in the game. Besides, the latest news has Adams ending up in Cincinnati.

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