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The NFL seems like it's in A Million Little Pieces. ... so fittingly, this notes column is a bit scattered.

* Ironic, isn't it, that ace journalist Brad Sham would be among the last to know of his own destiny?

The Cowboys announced on Monday that their new flagship station(s) will be 1310 The Ticket/The Bone FM. Those two signals will be the foundation of a deal that rescues the Cowboys from the precarious spot the franchise was in just weeks ago: Believing it had a product worth $8 mil a year -- but no buyers.

The Ticket is a logical enough choice; despite it's repuation as a sports station, it spends far more time discussing things like "Gay or Not Gay'' and which porn videos were rented over the weekend by staff personnel. But the station is funny, and it is a powerhouse.

The Bone is another story. It's one of the places in Dallas to get AC/DC, not AFC/NFC. Still, the Cowboys under Jerry Jones have a long history of making this sort of unorthodox relationship work. Up until recently, FM oldies station KLUV was the home of Cowboys football, despite the fact that when its morning show attempted to talk football, one of the hosts would do things such as refer to Charlie Waters as a "really good sports player.''

The Ticket, at least, will be able to fake the lingo better than that.

Meanwhile, in answer the many questions that I've received today about the voice of the Cowboys, Brad Sham: Yes, he'll be part of the deal. His contract is up, but the Cowboys have told him they want him back. Weird thing, though: As of Saturday, Brad was still telling me he "felt like he was in limbo,'' because he didn't know about the radio future of the club. He was surprised when I relayed to him what team VP Stephen Jones had told me a few days previous, that a new deal was forthcoming.

* One more thing about the radio deal: The Jones family had given serious consideration to simply buying its own radio signal and owning its own station. On the surface, because the team's deal with The Ticket is for five years, those plans seem dead. Maybe, though, Jones will retain some sort of broadcast rights via the internet, and build his own broadcast infrastructure from there.

* We at The Ranch Report have thrown a lot of draftable names against the wall -- all with justification, of course(!) -- and we remain pretty comfortable with our early educated guess of Texas tackle Jonathan Scott. (Oh by the way, we also feel good about writing the "Longhorns-are-soft'' angle later used as the foundation of a highly-publicized Peter King column for Sports Illustrated). I know, drafting an offensive tackle is boring. Fine. Then enjoy the prediction of Mel Kiper Jr., who has Dallas selecting Florida receiver Chad Jackson. If you've seen any of Jackson's workouts -- including a televised college skills challenge -- I don't blame you for being excited.

* I was in Houston a couple of years ago, and invited for a tour of Reliant Stadium, when I stumbled upon the team's personnel headquarters and a surprise: The Texans' staff had listed on its big board ratings for all the free agents that summer. And right there in purple -- the color the club uses to signify an 'A' player -- was someone named "Dan Campbell,'' who'd just signed with Dallas.

I'm not sure the Cowboys knew then what they had, and I'm not sure now, as they appear to be letting the backup tight end/team leader walk in free agency. But I darn sure know what the Texans thought of him then, and I have a feeling that he will be missed in the Valley Ranch locker room.

* On Sunday night, Mel Renfro hosted a Cowboys Alumni event, a first that he hopes will be an annual thing. Cowboys old and new united to meet, share stories and bond. Ex-QB Troy Aikman was among the many who mentioned that this sort of "bridging of the gap'' was a long time in coming, and suggested that it was Jones' 1989 takeover of the franchise that created the gap in the first place.

Maybe. But it should also be noted that Jones' 1989 takeover of the franchise allowed it to return to glory -- the greatest "bridging of the gap'' of all. And it should be noted that the Cowboys Alumni party was staged at Texas Stadium, courtesy of Jones himself.

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