A Terrell Owens Update

TheRanchReport.com brings you the latest on Terrell Owens, including an update on what's going on over at Valley Ranch, as well as with the Kansas City Chiefs. Has Dallas emerged as the frontrunner for his services? Read on to find out!

At Valley Ranch, "T.O.W'' stands for "Terrell Owens Wanted.'' And it also stands for "Tug Of War'' -- with Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells white-knuckle-gripping opposite sides of the rope.

A source with intimate knowledge of the Cowboys' front-office inner workings tells TheRanchReport.com that the team's opinions on Troublesome Terrell have been drawn in the sand: Owner Jones is interested in exploring the possibility of acquiring the potentially cancerous All-Pro receiver, while coach Parcells opposes the idea and favors allowing Keyshawn Johnson to remain the team's go-to wideout.

"T.O. is interested and Jerry is interested,'' our source said. "Parcells is not interested.''

In no way are we forecasting a front-office blow-up; this isn't Jimmy/Jerry, or even Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey. It is commonplace within the Cowboys braintrust to argue through ideas, as it is with every team and indeed with every company. What it is, instead, is a demonstration of how each of the Cowboys' bosses thinks of such moves in general.

A couple of years ago, Parcells and Jones debated about some move or another, and the coach went Old West on the owner, using a "pioneer-era'' analogy: "I believe we should 'hold the fort,'' the coach told Jones, going on to explain that in the Old West, pioneers under attack never left their fort to return East for more supplies. Instead, they stayed put and hung on to the good things they had.

"Hold the fort.''

Jones, of course, has another Old West philosophy: "Wild-cattin'.'' It's how he made his big money as a young man: Wild-cattin' for oil, taking a risk and drilling a hole and if it came up dry, just go take another risk and drill another hole.


So when it comes to T.O.W., will Dallas "Hold the Fort'' or will it go "Wild-Cattin'?''

Of course, the Chiefs appear to be very much in the Owens sweepstakes, having apparently already talked trade with the Eagles. However, updating Thursday night's report, TheRanchReport.com has learned that Kansas City has placed a one-year deal on the table for Owens, with the possibility of converting the contract over to a multi-year deal during mid-season provided Owens, "is on his best behavior," says a source close to the situation.

In other words, Kansas City, which only has $7 million in cap space, is not in the position to pay Owens gauranteed cash in a multi-year deal at the present time. The Chiefs have put their one-year deal on the table and are unwilling to do much else, despite Herm Edwards' desire to do so.

Armed with that information, our source in Kansas City went as far as to say, "that makes Dallas the frontrunner right now, almost by default."

The only other team that has entered the equation is Denver. However owner Pat Bowlen is downplaying the Broncos' much-ballyhooed interest, saying, "It's taken on a life of it's own, so to speak. I think there is a hell of a lot more credibility given to that than there should be.''

And what about Dallas?

We've got lots of ears to the ground. We know from Jones' history that in many cases, he like to strike early on major FA's, thus preventing letting other teams set the market price for his targets. Meanwhile, Parcells likely believes he's already put the possibility under his microscope. From "leaking'' info about Owens to his media friends months ago (as reported first here) to recently meeting with Owens' agent Drew Rosenhaus, the coach can confidently tell his owner the due diligence has been completed.

What is the next step?

One Cowboys boss needs to out-tug the other Cowboys boss.

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