Like it or not, the Terrell Owens watch in the Metroplex is officially on. From talk radio shows to TheRanchReport.com, the sports world is abuzz at the possibility of America's Team signing the league's most controversial player.

Based on that information, TheRanchReport.com presents you with a little fact or fiction regarding his current situation and how it pertains to the Dallas Cowboys:

FACT: Terrell Owens is due a $5 million roster bonus on Wednesday. This is a fact. The Eagles must pay Owens $5 million if he remains on the team past this day.

FICTION: The Eagles will release Owens before Wednesday. This is not a fact - yet. The Eagles can still trade Owens, at which point he would not be released.

FACT: The Dallas Cowboys are interested. This is a fact. However, it does not mean he will necessarily be signed by the organization. The Cowboys and Owens must agree to terms, which has not often proved easy with agent Drew Rosenhaus involved in talks.

FICTION: The Eagles are done shopping Owens around. This is not true. Philadelphia is still ACTIVELY trying to trade the controversial wide receiver. Remember, Philadelphia doesn't want Owens in Dallas, so they aren't going to trade him to the Cowboys under any circumstance. A trade involving Owens means he doesn't end up in Dallas. They'd rather see him go to the Chiefs or Broncos so they can pick up a late-round draft pick, while also keeping him out of the NFC East.

FACT: Owens expects a multi-year deal. This is true and this was one of the hang-ups with a potential deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs wanted to offer him a one-year deal with the hopes of an extension after Owens proved to be on "good behavior."

FICTION: The Cowboys will be unwilling to offer a multi-year deal. This is not true. No matter what happens, owner Jerry Jones will have to be cautious in any deal thrown Owens' direction. Too much guaranteed money gives Owens the ability to do the same things he did in San Francisco and Philadelphia. However, the Cowboys know what it takes to get this deal done. They'll be willing to talk and provide enough incentives to keep all parties happy.

FACT: Bill Parcells can handle Terrell Owens. This is a fact, at least based on the comments of current/former players. Dan Campbell and Darren Woodson have been on the airwaves within the last week indicating as much. In fact, talking to players around the league, Parcells is one of only a handful coaches that could keep T.O. in check.

FICTION: Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson can co-exist in Dallas. According to those closest to the organization, having two wide receivers constantly demanding the ball on would be detrimental to team chemistry. In addition, Keyshawn is unhappy with his current deal. Can the Cowboys sign Terrell Owens and expect to keep Keyshawn happy on and off the field? Probably not.

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