Jerry Knows Something

With the release of Keyshawn Johnson Tuesday, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones let fans in on a little secret of his.

What is it? What does Jerry know that the rest of the free world doesn't?

Why, that's easy. Jerry knows something.

He knows he'll be able to get his playmaking wide receiver at some point in the near future. He knows he has the opportunity to upgrade the talent on this team like no other organization in the National Football League this off-season.

Otherwise, what could he have possibly been thinking?

Surely, he wouldn't let the team's No. 1 wide receiver venture into the ranks of free agency to avoid paying him a measly $1 million bonus. Surely, he knows that he'll be able to land a player that will help take the Dallas Cowboys to the proverbial next level.

Jerry must know something, indeed.

Looking back on the events of Tuesday, it should come as no surprise that Keyshawn Johnson was released shortly after the announcement that the Eagles had officially parted ways with Terrell Owens. In fact, a source tells that Johnson was handed his walking papers (so to speak) just minutes after Owens became available.

Given that the Cowboys were within 30 minutes of the 3 PM deadline with Johnson at the time, one can understand the sense of urgency of such a phone call.

But would Dallas have released Keyshawn knowing that another team had successfully executed a trade for Terrell Owens, thus taking him off the market?

Applying the two big catch phrases in the Metroplex today to that theory, "connecting the dots" and "1 + 1 = 2," would lead one to think "certainly not."

Even though Johnson was angling for a contract extension, given the Cowboys current salary cap situation and what other wide receivers were commanding on the open market, he would have been nothing short of a bargain.

That's right a bargain. Keep in mind Key wasn't expecting to get Antwaan Randle El/insane Washington Redskins kind of money. He was just looking for another million or two, or three, with that extra year. Regardless of the amount, he would have been more than affordable.

Yes, Jerry knows something.

He knows he's on the verge of bringing one of the most prolific wide receivers in league history to his team. He has to know that. He has to be on the verge of doing something dramatic. The money is there. The player is certainly there. The writing is on the wall.


So to all the Cowboys fans out there, connect the dots. Do the math. Figure it out.

Jerry knows something.

And while he hasn't let everyone else in on his little secret just yet, it's not hard to read between the lines.

Remember, a deal like this can take time, especially with the baggage that comes along with it.

But in the end, the wait, should be well worth it.

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