T.O. Changes Cowboys' M.O.

One fact forgotten in all the hoopla surrounding the signing T.O., is the fact that just having him on the field should open up things up for Julius Jones, Drew Bledsoe and Jason Witten.

Brace yourself Cowboys fans, because Terrell Owens in indeed in Dallas.

What started as speculation during the season when Owens was suspended by the Eagles has become a reality. Dallas had long been rumored the most likely team to take a chance on Owens, especially with the possibility of this being coach Bill Parcells' final year.

And the Cowboys have taken agamble, giving Owens a contract that will pay him a total of $10 million next season between base pay and signing bonus.

"I think you have risk in every player that you sign," owner Jerry Jones said. "I wouldn't call this a high-risk move. Not at all."

The release of Keyshawn Johnson set the stage for Owens' arrival in Dallas. Sure, the Cowboys didn't want to pay Johnson a $1 million signing bonus and they didn't want to give him a contract extension and a raise. But this move was more about opening the door for Owens than rejecting Johnson.

The way things were set up Dallas before Owens' signing -- with Terry Glenn and a second-year players Patrick Crayton and Terrance Copper as the only receivers on the roster -- the Cowboys had to get Owens.

Owens brings confidence, swagger and most importantly talent to the Cowboys receiving corps.

"I couldn't be more excited about getting here and being apart of this franchise," said Owens. "I'm not really interested in looking back to the past. I've made some mistakes. I know that. But it starts today. You can't ever move forward if you keep bringing up the past."

In signing the controversial wide out, the Dallas offense should be able to open things up like it never has before.

Just having the threat of a player like Owens on the field should prevent opposing defenses from stacking the line of scrimmage, like they did last year against running backs Julius Jones and Marion Barber.

In 2005, Dallas averaged just 3.6 yards/carry, a number that ranked sixth worst in the NFL.

Having less seven and eight-man fronts should create bigger holes and more space for the Cowboys' talented tandem in the backfield.

Owens should also make QB Drew Bledsoe more productive.

"Of course I'm happy he is here," the veteran quarterback said when asked about Owens' arrival. "He instantly makes our team better. He's as explosive as any player in the league today."

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