Friday News & Media Notes

IRVING, TEXAS -- I break from my leash to bark at my TV (and my radio and my newspaper and my magazines and my computer) in my self-appointed role as Sports Media Watchdog.

  • Michael Irvin, whose contract with ESPN was up, has re-signed with the media giant. I'm told he gets four years and upwards of $1.5 mil a year. Could he have gotten more had he somehow avoided that "drug pipe'' thing last winter? Yeah, but with a $6 mil contract and a seat at one of the most important and influencial on-set tables in all of TV, nobody's complaining.

  • A bad sign: Bill Parcells is already playing CYA.

    How else to explain the column by one media buddy, Sports Illustrated's Peter King, detailing how Parcells APPROVED the Terrell Owens signing, followed by the ESPN "fake war room'' show with another media buddy, Chris Mortensen, uttering as a throw-away line, "I don't believe Parcells was totally on board with the T.O. signing."

    There was a time in the DFW newspapers' coverage of the Cowboys when this would've been front-page news. Heck, considering the fact that Bill is contradicting himself here, it would've been double-front page news! There was a time when a certain beat writer would've been camped on the coach's doorstep, demanding that he address the Owens signing.

    Now? Parcells says one thing to the most powerful sports source in the world, says another thing to the second most powerful sports source in the world, and in the end, whether T.O. works out or doesn't. ... InfalliBill was right both ways!

    And neither ESPN or Sports Illustrated will disagree about him being right.

    Ah, for the good ol' days, when Jimmy Jenius lied right to my face -- but as least he did it to my face, instead of hiding somewhere deep down inside the St. Louis Cardinals dugout.

  • So John Madden is on the NFL Network predicting that Brett Favre's unsavory offseason behavior is secretly related to Favre's desire to escape the lowly Packers. Madden is careful to add that his views on this are based solely on Favre's afrementioned unsavory offseason behavior, and not on any conversation Madden has had with Favre.

    Now, Big John's honestly is a good thing.

    But. ... Why the hell wouldn't Madden, in seeking the truth -- and maybe the NFL story of the year -- simply call up Brett and ask him the question?

  • A weird -- and I'm sure unrelated -- twist in the Cowboys-and-The Ticket boradcasting marriage: I predict Dale Hansen won't hang around there much longer.

    Cowboys fans who aren't in DFW know Hansen as the former outspoken and outstanding color man on team radio broadcasts. In town, he's also the Channel 8 sports anchor, and a twice-a-week host on the Ticket. But again -- and I believe you can etch this in stone -- Hansen's done there. Where might he surface? Well, Randy Galloway is a good buddy. And Galloway essentially runs Dallas' ESPN 103.3 (no matter what titles are painted on what office doors over there).

    And Galloway and Hansen on the same station would be good stuff. ...

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