5 Questions with Bobby Carpenter

The Cowboys first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft took time to answer questions for TheRanchReport.com Saturday evening.

OLB Bobby Carpenter Profile

TheRanchReport.com's Brett Jensen spoke with linebacker Bobby Carpenter, the first overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys in 2006 NFL Draft, in an exclusive interview within hours after he was selected with the 18th overall pick.

We're you surprised to get picked by the Cowboys, or were you anticipating the selection?
Carpenter: "I'd talked to Coach Parcells and Mr. Jones and they were very interested. But you know how the draft goes. A lot of things happened that a lot of people didn't anticipate. So for me to get picked by them was really a dream come true to play in a great city like Dallas and for a great coach like Coach Parcells."

Do you think playing in a 3-4 defense works to your advantage?
Carpenter: A lot of teams have projected me as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. One of the times I talked to Dallas, they were big on me playing the strong side opposite of DeMarcus Ware in the 3-4. They're looking for me to be the final piece of their defense. They've got some great players there right now and hopefully I can come in and contribute with some of my intelligence and football savvy, as well as my physical ability for their scheme."

DeMarcus had said he was looking for someone to take away some of the double-teams off of him. Can you do that?
Carpenter: "That's the biggest thing this year. Obviously when you have somebody opposite of you who is a great, great pass rusher, it can really press the pocket. It really helps when you can squeeze from both sides. That's a huge advantage, because they can't protect both sides. I'm definitely excited to be going there and work with a tremendous athlete like DeMarcus Ware and be apart of that defense."

Has your dad, who played for Parcells with the Giants, given you any advice on what to expect from your new coach?
Carpenter: "I was told he's mellowed out a little bit, which I think is a little true. But with Coach, he said that (Parcells) was brutally honest and he's going to push you hard and make you the best player you can be, which I've always welcomed. I've been a huge Parcells fan my whole life, mostly when he was with the Giants and with New England and the Jets. I've always dreamed of playing for him. When he retired, I thought I'd never get a chance to play for him and looking at it now, it's really like a dream come true."

When are you headed to Dallas?
Carpenter: "Thursday. I'm just going to try and learn the scheme and pick up as much as I can before camp officially starts."

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