Parcells/Weis Relationship was Critical

In an exclusive interview with, rookie tight end Anthony Fasano says the relationship with coach Parcells and Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis led him to believe there was a good chance he'd end up in Dallas.

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The Ranch Report's Brett Jensen spoke with tight end Anthony Fasano, the second overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys, in an exclusive interview after he was selected with the 53rd overall pick.

Considering the Cowboys already have a Pro Bowl tight end in Jason Witten, were you a little surprised they drafted you and took a tight end that high in the draft?
Fasano: "Not really, since there's a close relationship between Coach Weis and Coach Parcells. They needed a tight end there and I think I'll work well in the scheme and in what they're trying to do, which is going to two tight ends more often. So, I think it will be a good fit."

Do you see them using you more as a passing tight end or a blocking tight end or a little bit of both?
Fasano: "I think it's going to be a mixture of both, but we're really haven't gotten into the details. It's good, though, that I'm walking in and a little familiar with the playbook, coming from Notre Dame with Coach Weis."

Are there a lot of similarities with the two offenses?
Fasano: "Most of the terminology is all the same with all the packages. So, it's pretty close to being the same."

Do you think playing at one of the premiere programs in the nation gives you an advantage coming in over someone playing at a smaller school?
Fasano: "Playing with and against the best players helps out a lot because a lot of them end up in the NFL."

What do you think about the offense that you're joining?
Fasano: "We've got a lot of talented guys and I'm excited about it. We're going to prove a lot of people wrong."

Has your former teammate Julius Jones given you any advice yet?
Fasano: "I haven't talked to him yet, but I'm going to get in touch with him later today. Right now, I've got an eagle putt and I'll talk to him about it when I get home." will have more on new Cowboys tight end Anthony Fasano following this weekend's rookie mini-camp at Valley Ranch. The first practice is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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